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🌘 Cosmic Jupiter collections 🌒 #bigworldexplorer #lavastones #earrings ☄️熔岩石是在火山噴發後的岩漿形成的石頭,這種石頭表面非常粗糙布滿小孔,富含礦物質與微量元素,是一種非常珍貴的石材。 熔岩石具有吸附性,可以把喜歡精油或香水噴上去,帶動香氣隨身飄著。 💡請盡量避免精油,香水接觸金屬部分以免退色影響效果. 敬請接受圖片顏色可能出現差異. 感謝❤️❤️🌈 🌑🌚🌚The lava stone is a magma formed after the eruption of the volcano. The stone surface is very rough and covered with holes, rich in minerals and trace elements, and is a very precious stone. Lava stone with adsorption, you can like the essential oils or perfume spray up, driving the aroma of the body floating. Please try to avoid the essential oils, perfume contact with the metal part to avoid fading effect. Please accept the picture color may be different. Thank you ❤️❤ ️🌈🌈 If you have inquiries please email: soling819@gmail.com or inbox us, Thank you💗

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