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#Laughter is the shortest distance between two people 💑

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Good evening! How many of you take time out to journal? Did you know journaling is very therapeutic? I practice journaling in the morning when I'm refreshed and ready to take on a new God given day filled with an abundance of opportunities. All of those complaints you have going on throughout the day, goes in that journal. All of that unnecessary stress you pack around with you throughout the day, goes in that journal. The anxiety, depression, feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth, goes in that journal. You're health journey good and bad days, goes in that journal. Good, great, and amazing news, goes in that journal. You will find that once you get that out of you and on paper, your load becomes lighter. Stop trying to fix what you have going on by putting others down, or holding it all in until it manifests and then you really start to believe it. The majority of our outcomes are brought on by self. We talk ourselves into something unreal every day. Start changing what you believe about yourself! When a negative thought pops up in your head (and I know they do, even super positive folk have negative thoughts) "note" it as a thought. If you have your journal, write that thought down and ask yourself these questions: Does this thought bring me joy? Is this thought beneficial to my health? Would I pass this thought on to my children/grandchildren? My 8-Week Change Habit Change Health Program is not only an online self-paced course it comes with an awesome journal. Throughout the entire journal you will read quotes, affirmations, and engage in the Change Habits Exercises. Don't miss out on changing you from the inside out! Pre-enroll here now! Link in bio

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"Would you like some sausage?" Let's keep the creativity flowing. What say you? 😂😂😂😂

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