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Маленький #путешественник 🐈 Этот храбрый #малыш преодолел с нами нелегкий путь вдоль ручья и держался нас всю дорогу к магазину и обратно (а это примерно 2-3 км),конечно периодически спав на руках) Это было не легкое путешествие,но мы все его преодолели 😌 #nature #travel #traveling #experience #river #creek #water #stream #mountains #stones #cat #kitty #forest #green #kindness #summer #summeroflove #july #trip #goodtrip #ukraine #shypit #шипот #шипіт #карпати

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Kindness~ As a parent, one of the most valued awarenesses of raising my kids was to raise kind people . In raising kind people, it had to be authentic. It wasn't like I raised them to be one way in society and one way in the home~ they were raised to come from their truth, heart, and authenticity . Yes, sometimes in being authentic, somebody would occasionally get pissed, or angry - but respect and kindness was the bedrock to resolution. Today I'm finding more people need schooling on how to be kind. We are a self entitled society today, we feel a sense of self righteousness to 'be true to ourselves' , but often that self esteem you seek looks a lot like a spoiled brat who you don't want to break bread with. Often we think in terms if 'not getting ' or 'I want mine' or 'why you' instead of coming from a place of 'congratulations' or I'm so happy for you' or 'you deserve it', authenticity is spoken before you utter your first word. When we are kind, it spills out of every pore of our soul and body. We support the underdog, care for the hurt or pained, celebrate with the deserving ones, and cry in grief with a loved one. When selfishness precedes kindness, theres limited authenticity. Take notes.. kindness is felt first. Evolve yourself with practicing more mindful kindness to every soul you encounter. You never know who that homeless stranger is... #evolution #healthylifestyle #healthyrelationships #lifecoach #unlimitedrealitieswithlisazimmer #omagazine #mindfulness #kindnessmatters #kindness #omaginsiders #gratitude #feelfoundationwithlisazimmer #intuitionismysuperpower #intuitivecoachlisazimmer #digdeep #dreambig #lifesajourney

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I was one of the boys that other boys and most girls belonging to the "famous" and "popular" circle underestimated me and didn't talk to or hang out with me in Senior Highschool.. In the 5 day trip to Rhodes island the last Highschool year,none of my classmates wanted to share the same room with me so the teacher in charge put me in the same room with another classmate he didn't find a friend to stay with too.. A few kind and loving girls and humans supported me then and became friends with me and we are still friends with each other.. What I want to say is that even if it looked like "you" were afraid of me,the truth is you were afraid of yourselves guys..!!!!!!!!!! :-) I am so thankful for who I am and who have become now and I feel so blessed,lucky and happy that I have found the right people as my friends who give me so much love and support that I couldn't imagine when I was younger.. So don't get disappointed if you feel unwanted from someone or others in general..The right persons will love you in the right time and you will know that they are the ones.. Thank you all for your love my friends!!!You are showing it to me everyday and I feel so happy I have met you!!! Love you very much.. #confessions #experience #truth #love #loveiseverything #bekind #kindnessismagic #kindness #support #friendship #stopbullying #loveeachother #beyourself #ilovemyself ♡♡♡♥♥♥

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It never fails, every time the day turns sour, Staten is always there. Today... was one. Tyler took Smith to work today 🙌🏼 and Staten wanted to stay home. So we played, napped, read lots of books, and got yummy shakes for a movie night! Sounds great, right? Well after our naps, I realized it was just that time of the month. Which normally I'd be okay with... but you see.. we have been "trying" for 6 months. I just recently had a miscarriage (my second one since we got pregnant) and I bled for 4 weeks. I am so sick of bleeding. Sick of sitting out of the pool while my kids play. Sick of feeling crappy. Sick of the constant reminder that it will at least be one more month longer... Staten asked why I was crying and just gave me a big hug. So sweet. He has been there so many times... he is the sweetest. I am so blessed to have him as mine, and even though we won't have more babies for a while, I feel comfort and peace in knowing I already have two healthy beautiful babies. I know everyone has trials and I am not asking for pity! I am just trying each day to choose to be happy •• and it's hard, sometimes. I get it. Life isn't meant to be perfect, but sweet little hugs can sure turn a frown upside down. 😊 #ChoosingHappiness • • • • • #LoveHeals #BestSonEver #Homeschool #TenderMercies #Depression #FindingJoy #RealLifeFun #BoyMom #Kindness #Miscarriage #Miscarriages #FindingHappiness #RealLife #MomLife #LittleOnes #HappyLife #Mamahood #HugsAreTheBest

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Sunday Thoughts: The tide was coming in and Sister was happily frolicking in the water, little brother was more concerned. I watched her come back and approach her brother very gently, whispering encouraging words and then taking his hands in hers and guiding him to the other side. Never underestimate the power of service. A smile, a text, a meal, a helping hand could make a big difference. Last Sunday at church a very wise woman shared this memorized poem by heart! Her efforts served me that day. Happy Sabbath............... I knelt to pray when day was done And prayed, "O Lord, bless everyone." Lift from each saddened heart the pain And let the sick be well again; And then I woke another day And carelessly went on my way. The whole day long I did not try To wipe a tear from any eye; I did not try to share the load of any brother on the road. I did not even go to see the sick man just next door to me. Yet once again when day was done. I prayed, "O Lord, bless everyone." But as I prayed, into my ear There came a voice that whispered clear. Pause now, my child, before you pray. Whom have ye tried to bless today? God's sweetest blessings always go To hands that serve him here below. And then I hid my face and cried, "Forgive me, God, I have not tried: Please let me but see another day And I will live the way I pray." #service #randomactsofkindness #kindness #sundaylove #bekind #serviceistherpy #kidsaremagic #kidwisdom

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