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11 minutes ago

Helloooooo this is your daily reminder of how loved and appreciated you are. We are so grateful for each of you! From Boston to Minneapolis to Pittsburgh and beyond, we've met amazing friends over these last 2 years via the blog (just a few pictured here) and it has been our ultimate privilege to be able to share life together with you all. Thank you for your great kindness to us. And stay tuned for more meetup info – we’re coming to a K-town near you…next week! 🤔

21 minutes ago

My little Danish cutie now has ig AND is learning English! She's growing up so fast! I've waited almost 10 years for this! Unni loves you Ella❤️❣️❤️❣️ #ikaag13 #TBT #hapagirls #2013

2 hours ago

#kad se ludace sastave 😀

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