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12 hours ago

as últimas duas vezes que troquei de celular foi com a @brazilcenter eles são maravilhosas, sem falar da perfumaria, variedade de eletrônicos e Makes, surreal ❤️ obrigada pelo carinho de sempre! Parada obrigatória em Orlando!

1 hour ago

Salmon sea urchin rice bowl!

1 hour ago

Happy Mind, Happy Life is right! Cheers to @girlwithasilverspoon for the photo and the jacket! What slogan would you have behind your back 🤔 ?

59 minutes ago

@pearsonphotography is a travel photographer from the Netherlands; here we showcase some of his incredible work from a visit to Myanmar. Back to this wonderful view over Bagan, Sulamani Temple bathed in the golden light of the rising sun, just as the balloons rise above these majestic structures. #EarthCapture