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Social media influencers are not your only option to get your products out there. How about you take advantage of the customer you do have? Allow me to draw you a picture! . . Funsho buys a handbag from you. She likes the handbag. You can have her either post a pic of herself using the bag or a screenshot of a chat where she talks about loving it. Give her a special code (say F15) then she shares it. . In the caption, Funsho talks about how much she loves her bag and tell her followers that they get a discount from you if they use that code (F15) when they come to you (so you know they're from her). You can then offer Funsho herself a discount on her next purchase. . . Even if Funsho has only 50(real) followers and 5 or 10 of them come to you, that would be progress. You can do this for as many customers as you want (give each a different codes) and basically, you're paying them to market for you. . . This way, you won't have to give away money or dash people stuff. You're actually making sales and growing your customer community. . So, instead of focusing on people with a million followers who probably don't have that big a loyal fan-base, go for people with a lot less. Their words always mean more to their followers, especially seeing as their main followers are friends and family. . PS: This works outside Social Media too!

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Ижевск, прощай! 28 ярких дней отпуска завершились здесь, на моей маленькой родине где-то между Приуральем и Поволжьем. Это был очень крутой отпуск: новые города, новая страна, много моря и солнца, много вина и задушевных разговоров. А ещё несколько счастливых часов в воздухе. Записывайте в сумасшедшие, но момент, когда самолёт отрывается от ВПП, взлёт, посадка - это самый настоящий кайф. Ради этого я готова летать бесконечно. В общем, дом наш родной - это небо 🌫 Короче говоря, поехали! До скорых новых встреч! #airport #blogpost #summer #vacation #hometown #instadaily #instapic #picoftheday #coffeetime #flight #instagrammer #полетели #отпуск #издомавдом #ижевск #аэропорт #блог

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Не думала ,что более-менее удачное фото получится в таком месте. Вообще мне очень сложно подобрать правильный ракурс и чтобы свет падал красиво. Чтобы получить хотя бы 1 нормальное фото ,мне нужно сфотографироваться,наверное, раз сто😤😥 Мне интересно ,у меня одной так? Или нет? #me #instagood #instalike #instaphoto #instagramanet #loser #instagrammer

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Call it a lifesaver during your acne times, removing spots and toxins from your face, this detox pack from @bubble_farm1 does the job for you. • The activated charcoal and betoanite clay works amazingly well in pulling out all the toxins and dirt from your skin and also fights the bacteria causing acne. • One teaspoon of the detox pack | aloevera gel (required amount) Disclaimer: Mixing it with water makes it clumpy. • Tip: Use it during the evening or night to avoid sun. Apply a moisturizer or serum after the pack. . . . #fashionblogger #chennai #mumbai #hyderabad #bangalore #delhi #fashion #skincare #skincareroutine #naturalskincare #instagood #instadaily #instagrammer #likesforlikes #followforfollow #igersindia #chennaiblogger #indianblogger

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