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11 minutes ago

Sometimes you want something more colorful than basics like black or brown. That is why we started creating our hand-dyed cuff colors like these soft metallic tones shown. These colors have a hints of shimmery metal tones, and are subtle enough not to overpower the vintage pieces they display. The heart shaped cuff has sold, but the other two are currently available on our site (link above). As always, all work is our own from start to finish. Authentically handmade. #leathercuffs #inspiredbynature #vintage #southernmade #creative #fashionista #stylejunkie #bohochic #boholuxe #unique #special #love #cuffbracelet #jewelryaddict #wristcandy #gift #handcrafted #flowers #heart #leather #igjewelry #etsyjewelry #authentic #beautiful

15 minutes ago

I went out into the (very wealthy) depth of Sydneys Eastern suburbs this morning. My friend was going to pick up some clothes that she had bought of gumtree and she wanted company in case the seller turned out to be a blade-swinging maniac instead of kind housewife. Or perhaps a blade-swinging housewife... 🤔Ever keen to make myself useful (clearly I looked veeery protective in my sparkly dress 👗💪🏼) I eagerly volunteered to come along. As we turned into the street we tried to figure out which house was which. Actually we tried to figure out if we were looking at houses at all. Modern architecture has a lot to answer for. "Number 35" my friend said and confidently swung the car into the driveway of Number 35. "Whoa!!" We both gasped. The house looked like a GIANT white cube. Big windows, very tall, very square, so....white. So massive. We climbed out of the car, trying to find out where the front door was. "I'll just double check the time", my friend said, looking at her phone. "10 am, Number 32..." We both looked at each other and burst out laughing, then scrambled to get out of the BIG and fancy driveway of Number 35. Number 32 was not quite as impressive after the white cube, it didn't have a driveway at all and no one was swinging any blades at us. We were almost disappointed. Even the tiny dog that fiercely growled at us wasn't quite as impressive as it might have been another time... Back home now, trying to attack (read:fix) my new yellow and pink painting. Why do I suddenly want to paint white cubes?!? Help! 😳😆😆😆

16 minutes ago

Double checking everything and making sure I have my trees in order for a wedding this weekend🌿👌

16 minutes ago

Oh, goodness. We're blushing. Thank you, doll! Repost from @threeeshuh - received this beautiful goodie from @gypsyandthehatter today! stacie and rowan are pure artists. their products are impeccable, the packaging is perfection, and the attention to detail is unparalleled. if you want unique and meaningful jewelry (art), then their products are a must have. you can tell both of them pour an endless amount of love into every piece they create. i'm absolutely infatuated with this necklace! thank you @glamourgypsy & @radhatterro !

21 minutes ago

Avocado, here me speak I will follow you anywhere Around any corner Over all obstacles To see your green pitted ocean To feel your creaminess once more -an ode to avocado #avocadodream #veganfoodporn #obsessed

30 minutes ago

With each petal there is a memory. Laughter, tears, love, remembrance or just a joy you want to hold onto forever. This piece is the same. With dancing leaves cut from her grandparents property as well as petals and leaves from her grandmothers rose, this piece holds precious memories. So privileged to work with you 🌹🌿❤️ . . .

38 minutes ago

My sunset at Driftwood Park, see the symbolism I was going for here! Back home again, nature break with no wifi which was really refreshing. Back in the studio tomorrow but right now I'll dream about this view way up the Ottawa River. Can you believe tomorrow is Thursday?

51 minutes ago

I love to see my work in it's new home. 😊 I honestly feel my hangings are more than just decor. They are made with the purest heartfelt love and intention. I go into an almost trance like spirtual state whilst I create them 🕊 🌿healing myself as I weave my magic 🌼 #driftwoodart #driftwood #handmade #hanging #intention #love #healing #quartz #crystals #shells #pure #simple #zen #art #earthy #nature #green #heart #peace #gypsy #boho #madewithlove #honest #raw #decor #inspiredbynature #spiritual #magic

58 minutes ago

4.30am Wake up made totally worth it for these pretties 😍😍

1 hour ago

This summer's hottest poster: the new Vintage Succulents Decorative Wrap. It also comes in a perfectly vintage style tea towel. 📷 @cavallinipapers

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