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5 months ago

Busy Bee 🐝🐝 working on a new video⚡️ can you guess? Let my know down below which more videos you would like to see! #QueenEhome

1 month ago

Love this pic from the last article about our apartment💫 Link in bio. Cant wait to hear your thoughts! #QueenEhome

6 months ago

Morning essential for another busy day, we can do this 💪🏼 hope you will have a great one loves ❤ #QueenEhome #QueenEmakeup

4 months ago

Good morning loves, starting my day in the usual- Emails! Time to plan my next trip and than off for some meetings. Don't forget to watch my Vlog from India - it's already live in my Chanel 💫 #QueenEhome

2 months ago

I just love fresh flowers in my apartment 💐 Happy Monday loves😊 #QueenEHome