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Day #3 of my #22 challenge. Today was 22 Cleans and presses today after my normal #tricepandbackday workout! Had to speed it up to fit it under 60 seconds, but here we go guys. Let's #endthe22 and #raiseawarenessforveteransuicide @mission_22 🇺🇸❤ . . . . Definitely struggled towards the end, but I pushed through. My pain there is nothing compared to what some of these brave men and women are facing on a daily basis. It's not just 22 exercises, it's 22 reminders that we have an issue in this country that needs to be fixed #asap 👊🇺🇸 Do your part, raise awareness! . . . . #mission22 #raiseawareness #mission22ambassador #endthetrend #stopveteransuicide #from20tozero #buddycheck #gymlife #cleansandpresses #gymlife #gymgirl #workoutlife #fitlife #liftheavy #liftoften #weightlifting #gymislife #missfitstrength

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Losing weight on your belly can be tough, that's why I'm giving away copies of my 5 simple tips to burning belly fat fast to all my followers, you can grab your copy from the link in my bio. :) #fitness #weightloss #weightlossjourney #abs #getinshape #getitgirl #getitdone #cleaneating #eatclean #fitspiration #gym #gymgirl #gymgoals #bodygoals #girlsthatlift #healthy #healthylifestyle #workout #workoutmotivation #motivation #diet #burnfat #summerbody #gohardorgohome #fitnessmotivation Thanks @fitnessusagoals

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心態 真的決定一切 減得久了 女孩子往往很容易動搖 為什麼減得那麼慢 為什麼總是看不到很大的成效 信我 你要的是不要復胖、健康的瘦下來 世界上有很多方法可以馬上兩三星期就讓你落磅 可是不健康也不持久 如其用悲觀的心態看待體重升跌的問題 我更覺得是需要用正面的態度慢慢改變你生活上的小細節 習慣成自然 將運動融入生活 你以為你去得很盡 其實你總是為自己設限 堅持下去 你會感謝當天努力的自己 吃多了動搖了 不緊要 人總有惰性 但要讓自己一次比一次做得更好 Discipline is remembering what you want 這是我最近常常提醒自己的一句話 要開心要夠堅強迎接人生的每個考驗 別把減脂看成一件苦差事 壓力幫不到你 敢吃就需要敢做 我們一起加油 #gymgirl

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I'm Kacie and this is my story. Since I can remember soccer has always been my passion. From playing to coaching, it ran my life 365 days a year. While I've played on incredible teams and have had achieved numerous accolades in my years of soccer, it finally came to an end after my senior year of high school. My first semester of college was amazing. I felt like I had finally had free time for anything and everything. I loved it. I loved having the opportunity to eat bad whenever I wanted (even though I rarely ate bad). I loved being able to ACTUALLY hang out with my friends and ACTUALLY doing things that soccer had taken away from me in previous years. Around Winter break, I started feeling as if I am missing something in my life. For a long time I had no idea what it was. Sure I missed playing soccer, but it turned out to be more than that. Yes I missed my teammates and yes I missed having a ball between my feet. I missed the passion, commitment, and effort it took to get where I got. But what I think I missed most was that I missed the adrenaline rush. That feeling was almost like a craving. I craved that rush because it took my mind off everything. Now although nothing will ever make me feel the same way soccer did, I got into fitness training. I love fitness training. It helps me get my mind off anything and everything and it helps satisfy that crave I so yearn. However, my favorite part about it is seeing myself become so much more healthier. I realized how bad it was to have the kind of mindset that I did in the first semester. I love being healthy because it means I'm taking care of my body. No matter how I end up looking or the amount of time it takes to get there, I am going to enjoy every last drop of sweat and every last pant for breath along the way. With that being said, I'd love to announce that I have become a Beachbody coach! I am so happy to start my journey with my team. On Monday I will officially start my challenge pack along with nutritional shake provided by shakeology. I cannot wait to share my progress with you guys and hopefully inspire some of you to join with me either as a challenger or as a coach!

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