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2 minutes ago

Donnie's been working on his own sense of body positivity, and through his journey, I have been facing and developing my own self-image. I'm trying to figure out all the ways I can enjoy who I see when I see me. I've been trying some new looks lately, and it seems that everyday, something different feels right. From new hair to dressing in new ways, I've made a lot of changes. Still, I rarely enjoy the bare (or close to bare) me, and that is something I want to embrace. It has taken me my whole adult life to start dismantling the unreal expectations that bombarded me and my peers through magazines, movies, commercials, and every other media out there. Sometimes, I feel amazing, but then I don't see what I feel in the mirror. Sometimes I don't quite recognize me, but sometimes, it all matches up, and then I snap a pic to share and hopefully come across on a day when I'm not really sure if I'm doing his right. It's weird finding yourself at 32, or at least it feels weird to me. It's kinda cool, though, especially since I didn't have the emotional capacity to experiment in my teens and early adulthood. I'm liking it...today, at least. Tomorrow may be different. I supposed that's okay. #nyc #hair #growingup #growing #body #love #bodypositivity #style #journey #yeahitookabathroomselfie #confidenceisaprocess

6 minutes ago

Dirt has never looked so good!! The block is taking shape 😀

7 minutes ago

Ok Ok, so I'm a day late on posting Lily's 8 month photos. But here they are! Isn't she cute!!! Happy 8 Monthery (and one day) Lillian! Lily has been changing by the day! Her personality shows more and more. She loves being on the move; aside from totally mastering the crawl, she can pull herself up, get down and walk along the furniture. Teeth 5 and 6 just popped through about 4 days ago and her favourite foods are cucumber, cheese and blueberries.

10 minutes ago

My friend's daughter is ready to take on first grade! 💪🏽👊🏼👍🏼🤗💖

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