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Take My Hand. 72. Last update for tonight. • That's how Myrin found them, with his sister facing the door and Harry staring at her with a tired expression, but also with a sense of protection. Harry watched Myrin and Aries' every move and for once since Myrin got to the hospital, he was finally able to relax. Finally feeling that his sister was safe and was going to remain that way. With a final kiss to his sister's head and a ruffle of Arie's hair, Myrin sat in another uncomfortable chair and settled down for the night. Backup: @htextingbackup

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Take My Hand. 71. "You wanna tell me who did this?" Harry asked after the laughter had died down in the room. Harry was sitting in an awfully uncomfortable plastic chair, his arm resting on Y/n's bedside and their hands interlaced together. Harry almost broke down in tears when he first saw the woman's battered and bruised face. Y/n was quiet for awhile, barely speaking and looking anywhere but at him. But after a few jokes were cracked and Harry telling her a story from today, she seemed to loosen up and chatter frequently. Y/n shifted uncomfortably, her heart hammering in her chest as she looked out the window, rubbing the man's knuckles. "I dunno...didn't get a good luck at him." She muttered and Harry sat up straighter in his chair. "Him? You know for sure it was a him?" When Harry was met with a silent shrug, he sighed, bringing his free hand to rub over his face. "Y/n...I can't protect you if I don't know who I'm protecting you from. You and I both know you know exactly who did this. Whether you know the name or not, you know what he looks like. Just...throw me a bone here, y/n. Let me help you." He begged, tears welling up in his eyes again. Harry was shocked when the woman jerked her hand away from his, the Iv in her arm coming out. Harry was sure that it had hurt, but the only look on Y/n's face was rage, no evidence of pain on her bruised face. "I never said I wanted you to protect me, Harry. I'm fine. I can take care of myself!" She snapped and Harry bit the inside of his cheek, closing his eyes in an attempt to calm down. "Oh? You can take care of yourself? Look at the wonderful job you are doing, y/n. You are in the hospital! Whoever did this could've killed you, do you not understand that? Myrin could have been burying his sister today, does that not bother you at all?" He asked in confusion, watching Y/n let out an aggravated sigh and turning to face the other way signaling that their conversation was over. (Cont.) Backup: @htextingbackup

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Who wins? Start the comment war. I say Flash I mean he's so super fast. he can literally vibrate his hand inside Superman and crush his heart. ------------------------------------------- #TheFlash #KillerFrost #ReverseFlash #CWTheFlash #HarrisonWells #KidFlash #BarryAllen #CiscoRamon #Arrow #EobardThawne #OliverQueen #SuperMan #Prometheus #WallyWest #Batman #WonderWoman #GreenLantern #JayGarrick #Deathstroke #Aquaman #GrantGustin #Zoom #LegendsOfTomorrow #CaitlinSnow #BlackFlash #GreenArrow #JusticeLeague #Savitar #Vibe #Supergirl

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