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@breakpointfc @ckfightlife This is my #jiujitsu #journey ! I am very thankful to #God for all of my daily blessings. He provides so much for me and my siblings @armbarmason and @armbarlilly with good health, home, food, and a loving family. Thank you God for the chance to learn the sport of #jiujitsu ! I love my sport and I have learned many lessons on failure, winning, respect, emotions, and stress. I have learned to win and to be thankful and humble, and I have learned how to lose and how to lose with a good attitude. Thank you to my coaches and parents for all of the support, love and guidance! And thank you to my sponsors for the opportunity to fight and have fun while doing it! #builttosubmit #contractkiller #Godisincontrol #Godisgood #cranekids #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #gi #nogi #muaythai #kickboxing #mma #grappling #mixedmartialarts #octagon #cagefight #tournament #boxing #mentor @sautterczekaj

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Mi niña creo q de las dos yo soy la mas loca pero es por verte tan bella y que cada día tienes cosas nuevas q enseñarme te amo mi niña hermosa te amo muchísimo kalie sabes que eres la princesa de mami .... #blessing #Family #cutie #godisgood #mylittlelove

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Today is my last day of work and the first time I've ever quit a job; we're going to be gone for two weeks which makes job hunting interesting for this fall. I really enjoy contributing financially and the relationships I make with people through employment. However, I've had so many thoughts on what the next chapter looks like: do I fully embrace writing, blogging, and being the best dang wife I can be or do I start adding more skills to my resume to apply in a related field? ••••• I've realized I place no judgement on full time creatives, full time wives, full time mommas, or anything else people want to be; I'm genuinely happy to see people pursue whatever their heart and brain feels called to. However, I am experiencing a little bit of imposter syndrome asserting the same of myself with whatever I chose. ••••• What I do know? My husband and God loves me, I know it always works out, and seasons of change are always big seasons of learning; learning is good.

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Are you following my personal account?? 👉🏽@kmiix see the journey unfold #GodIsGood

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