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5 minutes ago

I've decided that I'm mutha effing TANK GIRL!!!! Fo Life Yo!!!! 🎯 And all I want to do is grow my pose!!! Im looking for women that want to get fit, stay sassy, play with dangerous toys, never "grow up", and help create a BIGGER army of bad bitches that empower and lift each other up!!! I have the tools if you have the drive!!!! I also have a short video for you to watch if you're interested 🚀🎯💥🔫💣🔥 #FreedomFitLife #WanderlustWellness

11 minutes ago

can you believe it? ☆ our products are sitting pretty in this magick - @oursatellitehearts' <NEW> James st location 💕☁️💕☁️ please note: there will be a short delay on all current online orders as we are in the middle of moving abodes - thank you to all our moon babes for your understanding 🙇🏼‍♀️

22 minutes ago

🎉7 REASONS WHY GIRLS SHOULD LEARN TO CODE💪💃🏼👭 Blog post is up! Link in bio.↖️ Did we miss any good reasons? 😃💜🍍 -M&S

24 minutes ago

Wish you were beer

27 minutes ago

Both Indiana bred but met in Oregon. Bonded in nature and soul sisters for life. @christiealison83 and I have probably only hung out a half dozen times but each time has been so meaningful and exciting. Thanks for letting me crash in your park this weekend. And thank you for being a strong, independent, adventurous influence in my life. #girlboss

27 minutes ago

Can you imagine finally feeling confident in your own skin? Looking in the mirror and feeling proud of who you are - both inside and out? What if I told you that you could lose 5-15 pounds without ever stepping foot into a gym? That eating clean doesn't have to be complicated and expensive? That the solution to getting fit is right at your fingertips? And that you don't have to go through this health and fitness journey alone? 🌱💪🏻👯 Three years ago I would have thought you were crazy, but here I am - nearly 20 pounds lighter, stronger than ever and LOVING this lifestyle. Do I have your attention yet?! But seriously - if you're interested in learning more, drop your favorite emoji below or send me a message! Can't wait to chat soon 🤗✨

30 minutes ago

All my ladies today dressed like ninjas and came ready to work 💪🏼❤First video is @katbrown731 first KB deadlift EVER! I had her pull from a box to help get her familiar with the proper hip hinge/deadlift form. We'll work on keeping the lats more engaged, arms locked out and core braced. @tramire2 knocking out DB deadlifts and focusing on proper head alignment and loading the weight in her hamstrings and glutes. Everyone's hip hinge is going to be a little different so it's important to tailor the exercise accordingly. Proud of these strong women, week after week!

32 minutes ago

Girls winning: Congrats to 👑 Cardi B for this major win. . Keep hustlin. No one can take your shine. . Saw some positive #trending news about girls winning? Tag us #omcgals . . . . . . . . . 🦄 🖤 #organicmeetsculture #cardib #bodakyellow #slay #rap #hiphop #oakland #misfits #culture #insecure #musiclover #nickiminaj #healthyeating #feminist #feminism #blackfeminism #womensupportingwomen #girlboss #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #hiphopnews #blackvegan #blackmusic #blackunity #girlgang #unapologeticallyblack #hustlers

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