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2 months ago

"I was once in as many drafts as you. But briefly, essentially, here I am..." #ModelMonday

2 months ago

Happy Sunday! Clumsy selfie at about 5:30 pm after a full 8 hours photoshoot. While I was fading fast under a sleepless night and jet-lag, the indefatigable Christie seemed that she was just getting ready to start the day after a tiny warm up 😳😳(??!?!). She walked out of the Four Seasons looking like a rockstar ready to party. Her inner energy and enthusiasm are contagious and a bit out of this world, to be quite honest. I'd say this amazing woman should be studied 😜. Stay tuned for some great pictures of hers.. @christiebrinkley @gianandreadistefano #christiebrinkley #gianandreadistefano

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