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Sağlıklı bir hafta sonunuz olsun.

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's edit. - [ "Where to next?" ] - #Frozen #Tangled #Anna #Rapunzel #Punz #Punzie #crossover #fun #edit - Date: 22/7/17 Time: 11:46 - Hey Fictioners! - This is just a small edit for fun to sort of end this line in the theme. - I've had an idea. Seen as quite a few people were upset that I deleted the comic I was working on, I've decided to do a mini comic! This has nothing to do with my old story but is just for fun. - Comment below your thoughts on this edit and the mini comic that is coming soon! - Have a magic day Fictioners! - QOTP: Anna or Rapunzel? AOTP: I think probably Punzie✨ - f i c t i o n s r e a l i t y

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