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1 hour ago

Check this out! My fam's wedding! I so wish I could have been there! Rosalind! You look absolutely beautiful, fam! And your Groom with his #fringes ! May our Creator continue to bless you and yours! AND the wedding garments were done by Sister Lanette Bronze! #FamilyTakingCareofFamily Words can't even describe the joy in seeing this! #PraiseAhayah for what He is doing for and with His children!!!💖 Just WOW!!! 😀😀😀 #APTTMHA

5 hours ago

La prendas con flecos son una opción muy divertida que puedes añadir a tu armario. Si eres arriesgada una Chaqueta o abrigo son perfectos para ti pero si eres más conservadora un bolso esta bien para empezar. Sin importar la prenda que elijas te aseguro vas a querer dar vueltas para verlos girar 😉

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