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3 hours ago

Frank Ocean - Novacane (fast) I've been missing from Social Media for a couple of days, taking a break from the "local fame" but 🚨WATCH UNTIL THE END, see how I've been feeling🚨 I grow and express myself through dancing majority of the time but crazy to share it's not my TRUE love and I'm okay with that, I accept that and I've been finding myself, learning myself a lot lately ... EMBRACING it all & this song Novacane by @frankoocean was a GREAT song for me to dance, vent and express myself and I appreciate him and his art🌹🕉☯️ I hope you all love and appreciate art as much as I do . I love you all 💟 ENJOY!

4 hours ago

#FreeStyleDance jus warming up real quick 🤔. I need to go to a dance studio....I need more space! 😫 #Rusty but 🤷🏽‍♀️ Let's get back to it 💪🏽 a clearer video! Tag a dance studio! Please and Thank u

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