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11 minutes ago

Basically my brain in art form !

18 minutes ago

I'm so bored

21 minutes ago

RIP to my youth

25 minutes ago

🌚 New Moon Vibes 🌚 ⠀ As we move into the sign of Leo 🦁 the Alchemy taking place is within our very own hearts. Ultimately, it is up to us to tend to our own heart flame by kindling it with what will bring it expansion and illumination. The more we can focus and listen to our hearts, the more can stay heart-centered and this will be key in moving through this portal ahead. ⠀ Model @ashleycasejohnson Dress @chalcedonynovu#mysticmamma #skullptress

40 minutes ago

<< rainy summer nights >>

50 minutes ago

Joe at Thunder Cove Beach

1 hour ago

No big deal, just Rudolph being nosey as usual 🙄

1 hour ago

thinking about taking a dip in the freezing cold water

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