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Go follow my irl account so if you wanna play mc you can dm me on there @allyxwalters

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Shine bright like a diamond💎

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■ Life is a gift and every birthday is a new beginning: it makes every day hopeful, because the shadows of the past do not shine the light of the future. Today is 20 years old and how would my grandfather say "You are in the fullness of youth" already and you know I'm happy because all that has happened in these years I would not change anything, I would do all the same things, as a well-known american writer so much the years that matter in life, but the life you put in those years and find that it's just that you have to think about it, if you have ambitions, goals, dreams you can be sure that your potential will focus on what you want to achieve, just believe. Life is unpredictable, but if one does not dare, you will lose a lot of beautiful things. At this moment I recall a sentence from writer Nicholas Sparks who said that many times the simplest things can become extraordinary, if done together with the right people, and it is a beautiful thing in my opinion today made me a party to surprise and it is amazing how a simple day can make you feel so much happiness, I am satisfied with the person I have become today, I very much hope that life will keep me smiling. Meanwhile I smile, I feel that through the smile every person can beautify her appearance more and more! Wishes to me!!! 👑👓🎩🎉🎈🎆💭🍃📍📷🎶🎂🌛🍭💎🔝💯🆒✔💥🕚🌠❕🎁🎊🎯💝👀😁✌🌎

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