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Hill action with my best workout partner 😍😍. How is that #waterchallenge treating you by the way? 👇Comment below and share your victories with us!

11 minutes ago

Each step we either break down barriers or create new ones. Hours, not minutes are driven to the road towards greatness. There is no way around hard work, no short cuts to expedite the journey. Let's evolve, let's change it up and step up your game. Just check out my client AC and his breakthrough he's had since working along side me. A more defined core, fuller chest, and arms and we're still not done! Real Results. Great work brother let's keep it going! All it takes was the right direction. Unlock your potential and reach your goals. 2017 IS YOUR YEAR. Let's work, email -> Coaching@sadikhadzovic.com #fitfamily #workouteveryday #physiquesbysuso #proteinpancakes #fitnessgear #muscleoftheday #fitgirls_inspire #cardiobox #workoutfromhome #fitflop #squatsnatch #musclefuel #workoutvideos #healthybodyhealthymind #squatsnoshots #squatsbro #gymnastics #gymbunny #cardiodance #fitgirlsdoitbest #NoPainNoGain #fitnesswomen #gymbuddy #proteinrecipe #GymLife #healthypregnancy #fitwomen #gymnast #workoutshoes #cardioaddict

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It doesn't take much. Just a decision. A decision to make a change. To decide you're done with settling. To close your eyes and listen to that voice within that's telling you to leap, to dream bigger, to go after what you really want. I remember that feeling. That exhaustion. That anxiety. That stress. Just wanting to feel good again, and to share that feeling with someone else and talk about it. I remember craving a community of others like me who wanted to be healthier, vent about their busy life, kids, drink wine, encourage and support each other, and throw in some workouts too. I remember that initial fear. One that I've always had. What will other people think of me? What if I can't? What if I fail? Self doubt is a terrible thing. But that self doubt wasn't as big as the why not? Why not me? Why not go for it. I thought, if I could empower one woman to make a healthier change, then I've done my job. If I could be a source of inspiration, then I've fulfilled my purpose. And what I've found is a tribe of amazing women, who continue to empower and inspire each other and so many others along the way. I became a coach to heal myself. To get back to feeling how my body and mind should feel. I continue to coach because I see how others feel and the changes they make. And I continue to be inspired by those around me each day. Tonight I'm sharing with you LIVE about my journey as a coach, from a mom of three who "didn't have time" to a business building work from home momma empowering her three little girls to be stronger each day. Join me tonight at 8:30 CST if you have questions, you're curious, you're inspired, and you want to know more. Comment "add me" or click the link in my profile to join. #strongereveryday #strongwomen #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #support #momofgirls #strongertogether #fitwomen #fitfam #encouragement #love #strength

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I think if we all remembered that we are each fighting a hurr inside, this world might be a kinder place

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Hello weekend..... 🎉 ! Girls doing what they do best..... #posers

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