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I woke up this morning for my workout in so much pain and I was so exhausted that I canceled with my trainer 😓... I hate canceling with my trainer because I hate missing a day with him, however the extra hours of sleep I got was very much needed. As for the pain i am a little bit better. I have a long day ahead of me so i will have to push through it! I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!! What are you plans for the weekends?? Let me know in the comments below!

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We went to the dog park this morning and #AceRountree was the only pup around. So we had a bit of fun 📸🐶🙆🏼

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Cheers to the most beautiful girl in the world on the edge of Niagara Falls. ❤️

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a girl can dream

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Family frolic

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Kindness. Hospitality. To me, those are one in the same. Showing kindness to others and practicing hospitality in little ways every single day. It doesn't always have to be big, it doesn't have to be hosting dinner parties (although who doesn't love sitting at a table filled with food and laughter). Sometimes it's as simple as a letter in the mail, going out of your way to hug a hurting heart, leaving a cold water for your mailmain, commenting on a strangers post with words of encouragement, taking a flower to your elderly neighbor... the avenues to put kindness and hospitality into action in your life are endless and can easily align with your giftings and passions! There's a verse in Hebrews that says "do not forget to show hospitality to strangers for in doing so, some have entertained angels" I've adopted this verse as my life's mantra and mission and just the thought of showing a stranger kindness, not knowing that you may be among angels just makes me so giddy and eager to spread more love! So Happy #fridayintroductions ! I'm Bethany, lover of all things kindness! Who are you?! And do you have a life verse or quote that you live your life by?! Please share and let's be friends!!!

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This morning I woke up at 5:15 AM in anticipation of The Breakfast Club. Despite the deep sleep my alarm stirs me from, I’m energized in the anticipation this dawn holds. - My friend Sean gives a damn about us, about West Palm. I look forward to the day he finally decides to run for some kind of office and I get to exercise my right to vote in his favor. But anyway… - The Breakfast Club was born because Sean wanted us to see each other. To know the tribe of movers and shakers woven into the fabric of this city for who we are, not what we produce. Every other month, we gather, we move, we sweat, we break bread, we talk about the kind of things we don’t make space for every day. Our values, our legacy, purpose, essentialism, grace, expectation. By way of this simple gathering, I’ve seen into the truth of my community. I’ve heard them without noise or judgement. Led into connection by this curiosity to know what gives them all life. - There’s no music during our workout, which strikes me at first as awkward but as I write this I decide that it’s actually quite potent. Without a throbbing baseline to lean into to fill the silence, I’m forced to find ease in the rhythm of our collective breaths. Heavy, constant and life-giving. I realize all of a sudden that this is what The Breakfast Club is about - hearing the music in what we create as a community, and trusting in it’s steady pulse. In this melody, in this breath, is everything I need to feel sound. - If you’re invited to The Breakfast Club, go. Just go. Show up. I promise you won’t be sorry you’re not asleep. - #tuneincallinleanin - @subculturecoffee

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Wanna come live on a sailboat with me? ⛵️⛵️⛵️ We'll sail the Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea, a new little island each day, with a super small intimate adventuring group of entrepreneurial creative women like me and ❤💕 @jessicasafko (pictured here doing some five-star boat modeling!) ~ you'll get PHOTOS of you by me, for your brand, your biz, your life, your SELF! 🥂🥂🥂 Living the yacht life, island life, relaxing, connecting, indulging and living boldly! 💡💡💡AND we'll have some mini biz workshops and strategy sessions to get you excited about your business' direction, all while having loads of fun time, exploring time, celebrating time, and mini lessons to get you taking better photos. 🎨🎨🎨 Oh yeah AND a meditative watercolor class as well given by my insanely talented friend @catalamitad ~ WHEN you ask??? We set sail from near Athens mid-day Sept 16th and return Sept 23rd. 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 There is just ONE cabin left for $2000 ~ Or ~ share with a friend for just $1200 each. (50% saves your spot. This will probably get snatched up today or tmrw! DM me to get IN!) 🍊🍒🥐🧀☕️ >>>> includes breakfast, snacks, and refreshments! #womenofcwp #cwptravels

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