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No suelo escribir casi nunca "la descripción de cada foto" porque esas dos sonrisas son la descripción, a veces no es necesario escribir, y menos escribir por escribir, describir la foto porque todos la describen, a veces es mejor mirar, mirar con silencio, sin palabras, cada persona vera una cosa...un padre jugando con su hija, una foto artificial, un paisaje bonito o feo...lo que yo veo es indescriptible, por eso no escribo, por eso y porque no me da la gana. ♡🌿 #moments #slowlife #nature #mountain #wild #explore #myfamily #happy #slowlove #vsco #mylife #photography #adventurethatislife

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Siamo solo pescatori in mezzo a un mare di illusioni. 🏝⛵️

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Street Art. Always something new to discover in the world's most liveable city. Embarrassing to say I haven't been here in the 7years I've lived in Melbourne. But I guess it made my first visit to the #hosierlanestreetart more interesting. The feeling of discovering something new or experiencing something new/ different for the very first time, is a feeling only a mature person can fully understand and appreciate. A first-time experience of anything can never be repeated, and so it can either become the most amazing or the most hated memory.

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