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21 minutes ago

"I see the world being slowly transformed into a wilderness; I hear the approaching thunder that, one day, will destroy us too. I feel the suffering of millions. And yet, when I look up at the sky, I somehow feel that everything will change for the better, that this cruelty too shall end, that peace and tranquility will return once more." - Anne Frank ✨ #coloradowaterfalls #thewildismyhappyplace #waterfallwednesday

46 minutes ago

O.m. gawwwd #rainbows r so ugly. 🤔💜💜 stop it. . . . current status: almost done bleeding from my knee for the day. Almost. 😂

47 minutes ago

Everything is so dry. In Southern Alberta we've had some grass fires start because of careless disposal of still-lit cigarette stubs. Please, if you smoke, DO NOT throw your cigarettes out the window while you drive. Thanks to all the volunteers and firefighters working round the clock to watch out for us! #chasingsunrise #testedtough #liveinsidethepostcard #livelifeproof #fujifilm #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilm_northamerica #myfujifilm #canada #canada150 #openingtheoutdoors #expandyourplayground #folkscenery #folksouls #travelalberta #statravel #strapinventureout #liveinsidethepostcard #lifeproofsummercontest #samsung #openingtheoutdoors #expandyourplayground #lifeproofsummercontest #InfinitePotential

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#corebasic day 8: Chaturanga dandasana . A strong chaturanga translates into so many other poses including arm balances + inversions. Tips: Sun salutations are an excellent way to help build and maintain strength•remember to hug your elbows in towards your sides•maintain a plank position•come to your knees to modify• try a strap around the arms for a little extra support. . the video at the end shows a few different ways to transition into chaturanga. . hosts: @allykborn @gaby__om @coffeeandrainbows sponsors: @aloyoga @gomacro . . wearing @aloyoga #beagoddess . . . . . . . #yoga #beachpeople #yogafit #yogaflow #movement #spiritjunkie #fotocatchers #bodywieght #armbalance #summervibes #instayoga #beachvibes #yogastrong #beachyoga # #expandyourplayground #iloveyoga

2 hours ago

We added three more peaks to my Cascades list: Rexford and North and South Nesakwatch. I can definitely spell one of them consistently!

2 hours ago

There comes a time in every campers life when he or she gets handed on to the next for even greater adventures...The sad day has come for us to sell Pearl.  Reason for sale is we will be moving out of state. Our future plans are to build a camper for Mexico, South America and beyond travel. Poor Pearl just doesn't fit the bill. 1992 Ford Econoline E350 Chateau 2x4 AKA "Pearl" (converted to a dry camper in the rear) 7.5L 460 big block and automatic transmission 207,xxx miles on the odometer, will go up as we are still camping in her. All the below parts were replaced around 202,000 miles Repair rear transfer case leak New steering pump New 135AMP HD Output alternator Coolant Hose Smog Pump assembly with wheel assembly Antifreeze flush and refill Radius arm bushing kit Added a steering stabilizer Master Brake Cylinder with reservoir Cardone brake power booster Steering box assembly Lower engine belt Serpentine Upper belt Monroe Monotube shock replacement Radiator Cap Motocraft Copper Series Spark Plugs Rear Brake Drums Rear Brake Drum Shoes rear hub set Rear brake drum shoes Transmission fluid flush Transmission gasket Oil pan gasket Lower Ball Joints Upper Ball Joints Tapered front axle seal set Front axle swaybar bushing Taper cone front axle bearing Inner Front axle seal Front brake rotor hub assembly Front brake pads Pinion Seal Front brake calipers Essentially the van has a whole new undercarriage. We have all the paperwork on the repairs. Since the above repairs we have driven to Haines, 2 times to Seward, Homer, 2 times to Talkeetna, 3 times to Valdez, 2 times to Kasilof for dip netting and other various places in between with no issues over the last year. More details in a comment below.

2 hours ago

Guess who about to start training again for her next race? #WAM25 , here we go... 🏃🏽‍♀️. #catchingthefog

2 hours ago

@Regrann from @fotokitten - Awesome day to shoot with these cool girls for upcoming mountain bike film project

3 hours ago

If your into mountains, rock climbing, mountaineering or alpine adventures check out the link in my bio ref my latest blog on a recent alpine climbing adventure.

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