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Laksa penang & bubur pulut hitam, antara order customer yg ada semalam. Alhamdulillah. Customer berpuas hati. Syukur. Thanks cik aziey & family sbb order dgn kami 😊 . . Teringat kisah pasal laksa penang ni. Masa awl2 perniagaan aku ni, ada seorang hamba Allah tempah laksa penang & nasi ayam. Gementar tapi teruja sbb boleh kira tu tempahan besar utk aku waktu tu. Fikir punya fikir, aku ambil jugak job tu sbb nak tambah pengalaman org kata. Dipendekkan cerita, usai majlis hamba Allah tu. Aku pun WhatsApp & bertanya mcm mana makanan semua tu. Puas hati ke tak. Lebih kurang mcm tu la sbb nak review diri sendiri kan. I was hoping for a great review from her. Ye la of course la kan sbb penat dah berhempas pulas kat dapur mesti la kau mengharapkan org suka gila dgn masakan kau kan. Haha. . . She replied in the nicest way possible, yg kuah laksa tu x masam, tekstur mee laksa tu x bape best (I should hv used laksa beras kering time tu instead of laksa biasa tu, lesson learnt!), nasi ayam tu x berapa nak masak...And that reply made my face turned white. I apologized profusely to her bcz food was not at par with normal standard. Serious rasa malu sgt2 smpi kembang la muka sbb tahan malu. Dlm hati aku, "issshhhh org nak berniaga kau pun nak berniaga padahal x pandai pun meniaga". Rasa mcm nak give up lah time tu. BUT one thing for sure, she didn't say any harsh words, only gave me positive criticism. In fact, she supported me to continue with the business & even gave me tips on how to improve my cooking... So I decided to just close my eyes & keep on cooking until now hehe . . To that Kakak, I'm seriously indebted to you. Cz your kind words had really pushed me far in my little business. Everyday is a learning curve for me in improving myself & my business better. Alhamdulillah for the improvements thus far. If you happen to read this Kakak, I just wanna say thank you. Semoga makin murah rezeki Kakak sekeluarga. Amin 😊 . . Follow IG : @adoniakitchen WA : +60173471041 (ifa) . . #adoniakitchen #rotijalakariayam #lunchpack #catering #malaycaterer #fooddeliverykl #halalfoodkl #eatdrinkkl #jjcm #homecookedfood #event #birthdayparty #kenduri #aqiqah #lunchmeeting #kualalumpur

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"I'm what you call a master yogi, this is what I like to call... the Downward Hog" - Billy 🐷🤣 Do you feel like revitalizing, reenergizing, and reconnecting your soul with nature? 🌱 Then we have just the thing for you! Join us throughout the months of August and September for our Yoga class series, led by the incredibly talented yoga instructor and natural health practitioner, Kate, of Varsity Natural Health Centre! 🤸🏼‍♀️(@varsitynaturalhealth) Tickets are now being released for our first class, "Bottoms Up with Billy", happening Saturday August 5th! This class will feature the healing movements of Hatha yoga, which centres around slower, longer poses that are suitable for all levels of experience! ✨ The "Bottoms Up with Billy" yoga class will take place from 6pm to 7pm, within our larger pig paddock, alongside our larger piggy residents. Following yoga, there will be a guided tour of the sanctuary from 7pm to 8pm, to meet and socialize with all of our animals! 🐷😺🐴🐶 With a limited number of tickets being released for each yoga event, click the link in our profile or copy the link below to secure your spot today! ⬇️ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bottoms-up-with-billy-the-pig-yoga-class-tickets-36471234444 Further details including dress attire, required equipment, and location can be found there as well! Other yoga events to be announced shortly 🌈

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Was great week end with @375mtl 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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