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21 minutes ago

This hand painted sleevless jacket is inspired by the Sumatran tiger. This beautiful species is critically endangered. There are as few as 400 of them left on the planet. This is due to the acceleration of deforestation and poaching. 20% of profits from the sale of this jackets will go to one of the charities work to help these amazing animals. #animalrights #tigers #endangeredspecies #handpainteddenim #vegan #veganactivist #animalrightsactivist #savethetiger #upcycleddenim #denimjacket #sustainablefashion #womensclothing

26 minutes ago

Namibia has the largest remaining population of cheetah anywhere in the world, with 25% of all cheetahs living within its borders. Of these 90% live on farmlands, where they come into conflict with farmers and their livestock on a daily basis. During the 1980’s and 90’s between 600 -1000 cheetahs were destroyed on an annual basis by farmers and hunters, today that number has been reduced. The three pillars of conservation, namely ministry, private sector and non-government organisations have joined forces to work together, to increase awareness of the plight of the cheetah and to find solutions to the conflicting interests of farmer and predator. . . . #AfriCat #Namibia #cheetah

34 minutes ago

The green sea turtle is usually found in shallow lagoons, feeding on various species of seagrasses and although it is illegal to collect, harm or kill these turtles, they're still in danger due to human activity. Pollution indirectly harms them and many die after being caught in fishing nets and real estate developments cause habitat loss eliminating their nesting beaches. So what can we do? Raise awareness through spreading the word, support projects that are in fact protecting these beautiful creatures and get involved with local beach cleanups, removing unnecessary waste, reducing the risk of harm. #endangeredspecies #greenturtles #protectandsave @usgs

1 hour ago

The one t-shirt my mother hates. Because it's had a space in my closet since 2006. Since my school trip to Nainital, for which we hurriedly bought some extra long-sleeved tops and this one stayed. It went through the usual journey all the way down to pyjama wear and is now, my most favourite bedtime top. I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing Endangered Species all the way till my 90th birthday. #sketchbook #brushpen #penandink #tshirt #top #TreasuresOfAMagpie #toam4 #endangeredspecies #fave

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