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41 minutes ago

Okay, so...I recently watched La La Land, and honestly that film is incredible, wonderful...I can't describe it... now I'm like ''OMG I'M GONNA LISTEN SEBASTIAN AND MIA'S THEME AND CITY OF STARS FOR THE REST OF MY LIIIIIFFFFEEEEE'' Seriously, if you didn't watch that film, YOU HAVE TO DO IT. NOW ! #lalaland #emmastone #ryangosling #cityofstars

50 minutes ago

Where are you from?🌏🌎🌍 Me : Egypt ❤

52 minutes ago

Join us this Saturday for a cinematic experience unlike any other. Academy Award winning movie-musical - La La Land - is being presented at Warner Park as part of our #FREE Movies on the Green series. Bring your family, friends and loved ones out to the park for a night of music and romance under the stars! Visit valleycultural.org for more details. #valleyculturalcenter #moviesonthegreen

56 minutes ago

Kath with her friend Marco. 💕 ------ The likes of pics are decreasing. To increase the activity, can you please like this pic and comment ? ❤

1 hour ago

red gloss 🍷🔥

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