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10 hours ago

Have you ever visited the magical Peak District? Love this stunning shot by @danfloyd1981 of the Peaks, a place that offers some of the best views of the English Countryside. Follow our sister account @Peak.District to find a positive cornucopia of stunning images from the land that has inspired so many authors. Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Daniel Defoe, Roald Dahl, George Eliot and D.H.Lawrence have all lived and explored this land, rich in history and lore. This gorgeous sunset shot is from the summit of Mam Tor, which is encircled by a late Bronze Age and early Iron Age hill fort. It's a rather special scene, wouldn't you agree? Mam Tor means "mother hill", so called because frequent landslips on its eastern face have resulted in a multitude of 'mini-hills' beneath it. It's quite common in Northern England to call your mum "Mam"... so "Mam Tor" is just perfect. And with that, I'm off out to enjoy this lovely evening sun. Summer always seems to leave us far too early in England so to enjoy these views one has to make the effort and explore! I've packed the backpack full of the essentials. Tea. Honey. That's it. Rather thankful we don't have big bears in Britain. Just Winnie the Pooh who is easily satisfied by the jar of honey. Amazing shot by @danfloyd1981 🇬🇧 Want your Photos of Britain to be featured? Follow us and then add the tag #photosofbritain and tag us in the picture too! 🇬🇧

15 hours ago

Enjoy every single moment of your life. 🌿 • • Oggi siamo qui, nell'entroterra ligure alla scoperta dell'olio d'oliva e di tutte le sue storie. Io mi sono persa qui, tra ettari e ettari di terreno, tra alberi secolari e foglie magiche che ad ogni singolo soffio di vento si trasformano in argento. Un pizzico di polvere di fata e volo via, chi viene con me? #gyle #lamialiguria #bwuiseverywhere #alisgoestoliguria #InstantExperience #PolaroidSun