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My ocean child, with that golden skin and salty hair 🌊 I feel so fortunate to be able to take my daughter out to explore our natural resources, i know a lot of parents really don't have the time or some kids don't have access to open space near their homes. One of the things I love about my job is that I get to work on great projects, and my favorite projects are always the ones I work with youth. With @wildcoastcostasalvaje' #ExploreTheCoast program we take students from underserved communities to learn, explore, and get involved in the conservation of their natural marine resources. Some of the kids in the program never get a chance to go and enjoy our coast, some never even been to the beach even if they live about 20 minutes away. I truly believe that the best way to build stewardship and give our planet a fighting chance is to make sure our youth care enough to take care of it and the only way they will take of it is if they love it and they can't love what they don't know. Take your kids outside, showed them the wonders of our world, build our future planet protectors! "We protect what we love" - Jacques Cousteau #teachthemyoung #conservation #youth #lajolla #childrenofinstagram #motherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #childrenandnature #ocean #instagood

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Practically a wolfpack. Ready for degreasing.

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A retro-fit dense packed cellulose wall. Dense packed cellulose fills every crack crevice and void creating a monolithic Thermal and air barrier. That means you will have zero drafts and very little difference in temp from floor to ceiling. Cellulose insulation also provides a fire block, pesticide and high sound deadening. #wallinsulation #insulation #quality #zerodraft #zerohome #insulationexperts #oldhome #energystar #conservation #cellulose #premierinsulators #premierhomeinsulation #insulated #nooga #chattanooga #tennessee

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Hey science and nature fans! Keen to contribute to a long-term bird research project and see birds like robins and fairy-wrens up-close? BioR's @nationalscienceweek bird banding event at Monarto is on again this year from the 12th–18th of August, and there is a chance for everyone to get involved! Members of the public are welcome to join us on the weekend, and school groups can book in during the week; @BioR_aus can also cover the cost of transport to facilitate school excursions, just email us for details!. There are limited places so get your booking in quick, just search "Monarto Woodland Birds" on the national Science Week website (www.scienceweek.net.au/monarto-woodland-birds/), or email us at admin@bior.org.au #natsciwk 🔭🔬🌱🦅

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Dr. E spreading the good message. ❤️ I just hope the next generation drops these idiotic medicinal superstitions and flashy exotic decorations. I hope the next generation finds their concious....before it's too late. -------------- @Regrann from @dr.evanantin - #WhiteRhino 👍 This species was originally called the "Wide Rhino" because of its wide (and adorably kissable) upper lip in comparison to the Black Rhino's pointed upper lip. The name eventually "evolved" into the 'White Rhino.' And is this leh'el behbeh Rhino not the most absurdly precious face you've ever seen!??? This orphaned Rhino is at the @rhinopridefoundation Rhino Orphanage and they do really incredible work to help orphaned Rhinos and Rhino conservation in South Africa. I'm so thankful for their efforts to help preserve this iconic African species. It freakin destroys me that Rhinos are brutally abused and mutilated when being de-horned for Asia's Rhino horn trade. That's how this baby lost her mom btw. Certain cultural traditions believe that when the horns are ground to a powder they can then be consumed giving people power and libido and fight disease. But did you know Rhino horn is simply made of keratin? And did you know keratin is the same exact stuff that your nails and hair are made of? The outer layers of bird beaks and turtle/tortoise shells are also made of keratin. There is absolutely ZERO scientific evidence that the consumption Rhino horns, or any keratin for that matter, can elevate your libido or really change your endocrinology or physiology at all. I feel silly even saying that because I always thought that was pretty obvious but apparently a lot of people don't realize that. #wildlife #conservation #rhino #orphan #baby #rhinokisses #keratin #horn #hornsdontmakeyouhornybra #keratinisforkrackheads #justeatyourfingernailsinstead #thatwayanimalsarentharmedandyoucanstillbeanidiot 😉 #rhinagradoesntwork #rhinorectionsareforrhinos #killingrhinosdoesntcurecancerorgiveyouboners #justmakesyouana $$hole #doesdonatingviagratorhinokillerscountforwildlifeconservation ? - #regrann

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