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12 hours ago

Now this is stunning! One of your best shots @ro5h4n! Did you know that this is the largest mosque in India? Can you guess where it is? 🤔

1 hour ago

Another gorgeous sunset view in Fira. Off to Oia to take in the sunset views from there tomorrow. @seajetsgr ☀️🌅💕Hoping for clear skies! #seajets #ad

50 minutes ago

The power of flower 🌺

1 hour ago

Celebrating summer 🥂❤️🇬🇪 / Лето - маленькая жизнь, и у каждого она своя ❤️ Мое лето насыщенно поездками, а какое оно у вас? 🥂 #kazbegi #georgia

2 hours ago

Bueno gelato and black cones! 🍦 Could this Mykonos Ice cream moment get any better? Okay, gotta admit that they were melting pretty bad on the other side. My top and hands were all ice creamed up, but what to do when you want that darn ice cream picture? 😅 What's your favorite gelato flavour? #bloggerlife #dessert #mykonostown #greece #clumsy #blackcone #gelato

1 hour ago

waiting for the 🌦