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These blushes by @kisiweofficial (b.o.m.b) are gorgeous! 😍 These colors look like🔥for the summer. Have you ever tried these blushes? What do you guys think of this pigment😍? Let me know in the comments👇 . . . #indiemakeuplover #indiemakeup4coloredgirls #indiemakeup4gc #beautyblogger   #beautyblog #makeupenthusiast #indieblogger #browngirlblogger #bblogger #makeupblogger #wordpressblogger #makeupcommunity   #instamakeup #makeuplover   #blushes #makeupforblackwomen #cocoaswatches #blushes

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🙄This is breakfast to me. I really need to get better about eating breakfast. I just hate to be bothered with anything in the morning. 😩😩 #myfuturehusbandwillmakemebreakfast 😉

4 minutes ago

Be kind to yourself. You are all you've got so treat yourselves with the upmost respect and dignity.

5 minutes ago

Good morning loves and lovers .... be a better you everyday .... a constant flow of improvement 💕 #hippiekinks

7 minutes ago

Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome! #WomenInStyle #FDVlifestyle

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So I did a video on whether 'light skin is a preference'. I got angry. I'm sure this angers you too. Tired of seeing black men go crazy about racism when it affects them but for a lot of them-when colourism affects us-*crickets* when racism affects *crickets*!! Tag a bestie who's just TIRED of this BS!! #linkinbio 👉💻

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Tag a friend below who's been dreaming of having their own beauty biz!!! (Or screenshot this and text them - your choice 🤗) ------------------------------------------------------Ready to start your own makeup line? Do it with ease when you pre-order the Bombshell Beauty Vendor List! Its complete with cosmetics, eyelash and skincare vendors!! Learn more and pre-order your digital copy at: https://www.thisishermovement.com/shop or click the link in my bio!

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Our #wcw crushin it in metallic...what's your WCW wearing? Head over to VITAL & shop our metallic bags, babe! Link in bio.

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Never underestimate a queen. Good morning, loves. 👑💖

17 minutes ago

Woke up to find out our 🗣BOGO SALE ON OUR TWO DAY CLEANSE GOT EXTENDED! I just did my 2 day cleanse last week, and it def helped with my craving and transitioning back into smoothies & shakes as a meal Replacement. Slide ➡️ also one of my LC lost 3 pounds in onday with the 2 day cleanse. Now you can get 8 bottles for the same price! If you're ready to reset, rebalance & lose a good 5 to 10 pounds I would def take advantage of this bogo... text BOGO to 862-231-3218 #detox #cleanse #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #happywednesday

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It wasn't until THIS YEAR that I've tried a @denmanbrush 👀what was a I waiting for? The way this brush clumps your curls, there's no way I'm looking back! I don't use to it detangle but after all of the knots are out — a couple of swipes through your hair and your curls will be undeniably flawless 💅🏾 Do you use a denman style brush for your curls? #TextureShot

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