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1 week ago

Stories from the Book of Mormon are coming to life in a new live-action video series being produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(@ldschurch). "We want these [videos] to be entertaining. We want these to be engaging. It’s just that there’s a different goal in mind," said Blair Treu, the director of the first two episodes. "We’re trying to communicate a very important story with iconic characters that we all know and love, and we’re trying to do that in a way that reaches people." These videos are similar to the popular Bible videos made by the Church in recent years. Those can be found at BibleVideos.org. Photos from @mormonnewsroom #Mormon #Christian #Jesus #LDS #BookofMormon #LDSchurch #ShareGoodness #JesusChrist #theBookofMormon #BibleVideos #theChurchofJesusChristofLatterdaySaints #HolyBible #Bible

1 month ago

Two elder missionaries standing with rakes at a llama and alpaca farm.

1 month ago

Two sister missionaries in Romania laugh while sitting beside each other.

1 month ago

“Kneel down to pray. Step up to serve. Reach out to rescue. Each is a vital page of God’s blueprint to make a house a home and a home a heaven.”—President Thomas S. Monson, “Heavenly Homes, Forever Families”

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