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2 months ago

"The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can't." —Christopher Paolini, Eragon Happy world ocean day! This is from 2 years ago in the BVI, I'm exploring a 35 foot free dive swim through, that ocean was incredible! Let's keep the biodiversity of the ocean alive for our future generations!! Photo cred: @benmarkhart #benmarkhartphoto #worldoceansday #freediving #bvi #stokeshareweekend #borntobewild #ocean #swim #dive

3 months ago

Well, winter is back! Apparently Jack Frost didn't get the memo that it's supposed to be Spring. The unpredictability of Colorado weather up in Vail and the surrounding mountainous areas can make trekking in the back country a potentially hazardous experience, especially this time of year! Storms can move in without much warning, leaving climbers, skiers, boarders, and hikers stranded. Be prepared for the environment your entering! Do your research on weather, snow conditions, elevation gain, terrain.....!!!!! Go with someone, not alone. Play it safe, and have fun! We live here because we are wacky and wild children of nature, born to adventure the unexplored, take chances, and get messy! Just do not underestimate the incredible power of Mother Nature. Photo cred: @benmarkhart #benmarkhartphoto #forceofnature #choosemountains #getoutstayout #stokeshareweekend #wildatheart #wildbynature #ski #skipow #vaillive #colorado #vail #womenwhohike

4 months ago

"Ant Hill Direct" in Eldorado canyon. The features on the rock were beautiful! But the 3rd pitch has some wonky protection, get ready for some serious pendulums if you fall. I've never been a huge fan of falling or wiping off the rock, but something about cheese grating 12 feet sideways into space made me more nervous than usual. It's funny how our fear can paralyze us. Making movement up or down impossible. I think people get stuck like that in life too. Remember to breath, it's all a part of the process. We must keep moving, both on the rock and in life, don't let yourself become stagnant because you are afraid. We fall, and learn, and get back up and try again. Triumph over fear because you are a #ForceOfNature Thanks for the great lead and photo @benmarkhart #choosemountains #colorado #liveclimbrepeat #sheadventures #benmarkhartphoto #stokeshareweekend

4 months ago

The Escape Artist in The Black Canyon of the Gunnison. This route had so many sustained pitches of challenging grade for me. It challenged both my physical and mental stamina. The canyon walls stretch high above until your almost to the top of the climb. Their enormity challenged my own perspective on life and my place in the world. Throughout the climb I continued to feel conflicting emotions of persistence, determination, uncertainty, doubt, fear, and elation. It wasn't until the day after, when I hiked back to the canyon rim and looked down at the route I had climbed that I truly felt triumphant! I had overcome my fear, my fatigue, and accomplished something that for me felt immense. I had become a #forceofnature and I won't ever stop. #benmarkhartphoto #choosemountains #getoutstayout #sheadventures #ForceOfNature

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