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4 minutes ago

Hello coffee lovers! It's been a long summer away from the lovely Dublin for me, but CoffeeDublin is back in business and ready to seek out the best spots! I've noticed a few new places have opened up and am very much so looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. I had an adventurous summer in Canada, and Tofitian Coffee was definitely my favourite coffee shop that I found. Situated in the idyllic town of Tofino, Tofitian is well known for their quality coffee and delicious food. It was a ten minute walk from where I was living, so ideal! I hope you all had wonderful summers and drank your share of coffee love!

5 minutes ago

Trying to "get back in shape". Today's Be An Angel Day. #coffedoodler

6 minutes ago

髪の毛伸びたなあ〜 このくらいがいちばん切りたくなる😂💭 . 最近お店の撮影のために久しぶりにNikonちゃんを引っ張り出そうとしてるんだけど、ついつい他のものの片付け始まっちゃう。断捨離が趣味みたい😂 . . 明日は久々に目覚ましかけないで寝る!!!うれしい!! . . #drummerlife #baristalife #goodnight #目覚ましに関係なく #休みでも四時には目がさめる #ナンダコレ #パジャマパーティーしたい

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