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@marvel are you not ashamed to not use #blackbolt , who by the way have already made thanos bleed in the comics ? (I know he lost 20s after) Sure let's send a KID, who never been in the infinity storyline or in the infinity gauntlet (if i can remember correctly) ; what's a stupid move and i don't think the real tony and even aunt may would allow that but you prefer to use him in a tv show, when he is one of the most powerful hero of our universe who can destroy or avengers within a second And two other words : Illuminati and Thane Yeah, somehow i'll be forever pissed for this character who have so much potential, i'm probably ready to change him for peter (don't hate me please, i just want a realistic infinity movie) Gonna make a clear version one day #inhumans #marvel #mcu #avengersinfinitywar #infinitywar #marvelfanart #worldofnerdart #fanart #avengers #sketch #sketchbookpro #surfacepro4 #ansonmount

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