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1 hour ago

Because FOOD...😍 my interpretation of this delicious and beautiful meal... the floating lime with a mini salad on top, the most delicious dehydrated and then rehydrated noodle, green apple shaving with refreshing citrus stuff inside, haunted hot and cold soup, coconut seafood in a coconut sitting on top of aromatic salt, provolone cheese plate that's not edible and has no cheese, pretty mushroom and blueberry edible glass on a giant plate, the ooiest gooiest cheese and cracker, dessert 1 with tasty little blocks of cakes and rock looking things, and dessert 2 with rainbow silverware 😏 yes, #alinea should definitely go with my interpretation of this amazing meal. I should be a menu writer. Thanks Ho family for letting me tag along 😋 #michelinstar #chicagoeats #finedining #ilovefood #foodstagram

5 hours ago

Mercredi sous la pluie , alors ont flâne dans les magasins ...passer une belle journée les filles #alinea #deco #whitehome

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