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NEW DP ALERT 🚨🚨🚨COMMENT YOUR OPINIONS BELOW 😀'Loving pets is about the kind of environment you’re being brought up in, so as Shaheen introduced her to the world of furry playmates, Alia went on to make her fondest childhood memories from this experience. “When I was really small, my mom’s room had a big window, from where you could see kittens and cats playing downstairs. I used to sit on the windowsill for hours at a stretch, and throw cheese for these cats. That’s my favourite memory from my childhood,” she recalls. But when Alia went down to play with these cats, they’d run away. “I was like, ‘I just threw cheese for you! How can you not play with me’!” she giggles.' Source : @hindustantimes . , . #alia #aliafans #alialovers #aliabhatt #aliabhattfans #aliabhattlovers #aliaabhattvideos #new #dp #pic #coexist #coexistbyaliabhatt

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