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GOldy and Mama Mokaram Date:1993 Ali was counting his money in his small hands, he was not sure if it’s enough but he knew he needs 5 orange money notes to buy the rooster that he was dreaming of having him. He asked his mom “can I pay 2 green for 1 orange? ” yes, you can".his mother said. so he walked to the neighbor’s farm, they were picking fruits of the tree when he got there. Ali was very shy kid who was always playing with pets and prefer to have the company of animals around than human, once when he was 6, his aunt asked his mother; does he really talk?he might have a problem.his mom laughed and said: “no of course not, he is just a bit shy, you have to see how he talks to his pets”. he got close to MR Shabani and said: “I have the money you asked and I want that golden rooster, can u wrap his legs for me so I take him to my home?”....... you can read the rest by the link in my bio..👌 #picoftheday #story #flashback #sunday #happy #cool #photography #hot #cool #ali_princeofpersia #book #model #iranian #turkey #dmaris #dhotel #luxuryhotel #italy #spain #USA #beachwear

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Today when i was talking to a friend..he said: did you notice if someone says sth like ur life stories..we all think he is making up or exaggerating it..you are fine and its your path of life but there are alot of up and down in every year of ur life that make it a very long good drama serie..and i just thought..yeap i get everyday alot of flash back..everyday someone or something reminds of past and im thankful to go through all so these flashing thoughts will help me to dont do same mistakes..i like photography but im not sure if people get who i am through my pictures..soon i start to write a flash back each day..good or bad.. happy or sad..scary or hopeless..they were part of what i went through and it made me who i am.so it will be a real story.its all about my emotions and thoughts in that moment not what i think about that moments today.. #lifestory #flashback #story #drama #me #ali_princeofpersia #happy #cool #picoftheday #photography #model

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