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Next week air signs - #gemini #aquarius #libra - Libra Thai week is about new cycles in new relationships or current ones basically in the way that you see them and how you want to move forward. Reflection time and travel alone and in groups is highly amplified, take a break and enjoy the trips or if not a trip take time to relax and be sensual to self. Good revelations around money and balance this week too. Aquarius - this week is about endings and signing off on money situations or collaborations new opportunities are on the horizon and they should take you to a position of power literally or in self. You should start to think about dating or how to reboot existing relationships, look at fun and lighter environments to do this. Gemini - a lot of creative flow and lightbulb moments around communication this week and you gain insight in how to also reboot your projection and image this also spills over into personal communications and you'll find inscription through groups and visual creativity. Relationships take a slight back seat but that's to reboot you and then they return in August as a development area for you. #astrology #horoscope #zodiac #zodiacsigns #airsigns #tarotreadersofinstagram

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🎉 Daily card for Saturday 22nd July, 2017. 🎉 Page of Cups ___________________________________________ An offer and/or good news is likely to be heading your way, today. This could be with regards to love, or a creative pursuit. Whatever the case may be, it has the potential to be very emotionally fulfilling. I also feel like some of you are going through healing, at this time, as well as an emotional cleansing. This is positive, as it allows you to release what no longer serves in your best interest. It will provide more space for you to be receptive to new energy that enters your life. And lastly, I feel like some of you may be telepathically communicating with your soulmate, or twin flame, at this time. The connection between the two of you is strong, and you may be visiting each other in your dreams, as well. Either way, you're both connected, and there's something that you may discover with the information that you're energetically receiving. Pay close attention to synchronicities, too. 🔮♓️ ___________________________________________ #psychic #psychicreading #psychicreadersofinstagram #tarot #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #pageofcups #love #creativity #telepathiccommunication #telepathy #offers #emotionalfulfillment #healing #twinflames #soulmates #watersigns #airsigns #earthsigns #firesigns #horoscope #tarotscope #beautiful #sweet #positiveenergy #cardoftheday #instalove #instagram #followme #happysaturday

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