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6 // a song that makes you wanna dance ☁️ does anything really need to be said about this one? 😂

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Mood 😌

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I'm going on vacation soon I'm so exited (Plz don't unfollow) - Should I post videos

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5 // a song that needs to be played loud ☁️ because if you need to feel every part of this song ♥️

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I really hate that @theshaderoom didn’t turn off their comments ... people are literally saying that they hope Chris bash Ro face in... She is three years old and already have people sending her death wishes. And the crackhead jokes about Chris is old, when he y’all ever seen Christoper snort, please tell me. And calling him an unfit father is pathetic y’all don’t know him personally, Tbh Ro has changed Chris in all types of ways. Just because y’all father wasn’t there to change your diapers doesn’t mean every man is like that 🤦🏽‍♀️😴 ~ Bp.Christopher

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pay me what you owe me 💰💵 #rihanna

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