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I remember as a kid how I associated my self-worth with the remarks my teachers gave me. I was made to be believe that I was dull and an average looking student in school and I was neither popular nor a part of any peer group. It mattered to me. We all love to be liked, to be noticed, to be appreciated. Since kindergarten days ,we all begin to seek validation from others. And till today, we all want others to accept us. But sooner or later, It's important for us to realise that it was never about having a lot of friends or being alone or if teachers liked you or if people accepted you. In fact it was never about grades and looks. It is what you feel about yourself. Who you are and how you make others feel about themselves. It's about your decisions.If you’re confident, and you believe in your ability, there’s nothing to prove. Sometimes it's okay if people don't understand you. It was never your responsibility to make them understand anyway. You will realize that there is no one who will always be there for you because there is no one. And sadly no one ever taught this. So, Tell yourself you're beautiful, you are enough and you are going make yourself happy because you love yourself and God loves you too. And if someone is treating you below your expectations and your standards, you're better off alone. Don't ever settle for less because you deserve to be loved. You deserve every single thing you never thought you deserved. . . . #selfworth #realisation #writersofinstagram #photography #lovelife #lifeisbeautiful #lessonslearnt #instagood #instamotivation #motivation #inspire #painistemporary #happinessiswithin #loveyourself #canon #feel #thought #strength #follow #followers #mystory #reality #society #people

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Okay so looking at these before and after pics of what my makeup used to look like compared to now made me realise a few things that I've learned: 1) How not to look like I used a bottle of glue and a bag of flour to make my face as pasty as possible 2. How to arch my eyebrows and not just have two little hill shaped lines of hair on my face 3. How to perfect winged eyeliner (at last!!) 4. That I can pull of a bold look when I want to and experiment with colours #makeup #artisticmakeup #muafollowtrain #beforeandafter #beforeandaftermakeup #makeuptransformation #makeuptutorial #mua #undiscovered_muas #beautyblogger #makeupguru #realisation #beautyguru #makeupvideos

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