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3 days ago

New special for the month of August $300 gets you 40 of the absolute best Meals. Book your orders now! . . Thank you for sharing iconic meals it's been a wild ride! We are changing our delivery structure and adding more help to agomedate all of the new #icons choosing to better them selves with iconic meals! Thank you for the support and love 🙏🏾 Look out for the new website and app coming soon. . (Tag 3 ppl you love) . . . . #fitspo #fit #fitness #instafit #bikini #muscle #muscle #workout #shredded #abs #sixpack #lean #fitnessmodel #bodybuildning #results #transformation #followme #smile #love #health #mealprep #dedication #motivation #inspo #wbffpro #bikinipro #youtube

2 months ago

"A lot can happen in one year" For me, I... •went through an operation •Got my dreamjob •went to Thailand •got new friends for life •got engaged •lost a family member •lost my dreamjob •and lost 20kg There will always be things affecting your life! But it's still your life, and you decide how this things will effect you✨ Take care of this chance called life! what we know of, you only got one💫

6 hours ago

Hvad er den ideelle/perfekte krop? Er det, at man er trænet som en atlet? Er det, at man er tynd som en model? Eller noget helt tredje..? For mig er det, at man er glad for den krop man er i, ikke at man skal se ud på en bestemt måde eller have en "perfekt" krop. Er du glad for at være i den krop du er i, så har du opnået noget som de færreste har. Jeg har selv ikke opnået det endnu, men jeg er godt på vej 💪 Bevar positiviteten i din hverdag og vær glad for dig selv, for der er kun én af dig, og det er bestemt noget at være glad for! #fitnessquote #fit #fitness #fitspo #fitgoals #fitfam #fitstagram #igfit #igfitness #instafit #instafitness #fitgirl #stronggirl #musclegirl #gymgirl #girlwholift #girlswholift #bodybuildning #bodyfitness #motivation #muscle #nutrition #gym #gymtime #huge #goals #progress #fitnesslife

1 day ago

#Repost @andreasi_idrottsmassage ・・・ IT'S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS! 👫 [muscle theory] [The source of your pain] @andreasi_idrottsmassahe @vinnierehab People always ask me, my [insert body part] hurts here, what can I do!? The reason why I can never give anyone a direct answer is because it really doesn't matter where the pain is . To figure out the source of your pain, I need to look at the relationship between different areas of your body, and then based on how they interact with each other I can come up with a plan of action . To reinforce my point, let's look at the upward + downward rotators of the shoulder . Let's say you have shoulder problems with a lat-pull down (or any movement for that matter) . It could be that 🔹your downward rotators are unable to coordinate together to do the ⬇️motion smoothly 🔹your upward rotators are overactive and won't allow smooth motion . 🔹or maybe 2/3 of your downward rotators are sleeping on the job and 1/3 is overactive! 🔹etc. the combinations are endless...😑 . Basically it's all about relationships, how do the upward and downward rotators relate to each other? And within each group, how do the 3 muscles interact with each other to produce ⬆️ or ⬇️ rotation?! . Knowing your anatomy is one thing, but understanding how each body part relate to each other is what separates the noobs from the rehab gods/gurus 🙏🏼 .. 🇸🇪☑️Online bokning tillgänglig här 👉 andreasi.bokadirekt.se