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10 hours ago

M'è appena arrivata la mail: (QUASI) TUTTA LA COLLEZIONE MARE CALZEDONIA AL 50% di SCONTO. Foto: @_laelle 📷❤️ Aggiornamento: la regia mi ha comunicato che il sopra del costume che vedete in foto è "nuova collezione" e che viene 30€. La redazione invece dice che é scontato. Io nello shop online non lo trovo. A questo punto penso che dipenda da negozio a negozio!

7 hours ago

Come with me… I’m gonna show you my world 🌎 I have so many stories to tell & so many emotions to express… I’m not here to show you how good I could look, how strong I can be, or how cool I am. In the past I used to behave like that sometimes - more focused on my ego. But now, with 26 years I’m here to motivate you, I’m trying to inspire you with my mind, my soul and with the lessons life has taught me. For me Instagram is more than just a „blog“ where I post about fashion or about fitness or whatever. I want to touch your soul and help you to be a better version of yourself, to grow - same for me, I grow with you! I’m more focused than ever - next is my Blog for you, some helpful Videos on YouTube and a lot of Live Videos here. Your feedback on my Live Videos is unbelievable! #andrelive The World may be superficial, Instagram may be a superficial place - but our connection and this page here - is more than that. Let’s keep it real, deep and positive. ❤️ Love you guys! I’m gonna tell you more in the next weeks - make sure to check my captions. ☺️

14 hours ago

こんばんわ♡ 今日もお疲れさまです❀(*´v`*)❀ ・ 前からずっと行ってみたかった所に来れた😆🎵🎵 #伊根の舟屋 家の前がすぐ海になってていつも写真やTVで観てたんだけど実際見れて嬉しい✨✨ ・ ・ #今日のコーデ ・ ・ コメント返せないかも知れないのでお気遣いなくです🙏💕 ・ ・ #伊根湾 #京都 #天橋立 #伊根 #海 #景色 #風景 #日本の景色 #私がメインw #いつもありがとう #ワンピース #ZARA #ハット #AZULbymoussy #AZUL #サンダル #hm