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Brisas Del Golf.

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Met de kleine zus.👅👭

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This man is... an Angel❤ Repost: @ifodonelmstreet First Johnny Depp joins #diorlovechain #DIORLOVECHAIN #johnnydepp Second @cda_news It is with a big heart that some people in Hollywood give back to the fans. Actor Johnny Depp may have had one hell of a time over the past couple years with his very public split with Amber Heard, and people may look at him as being a little bit out there, or eccentric, but the former 21 Jumpstreet actor really goes above and beyond for his fans. In Vancouver, Canada filming Richard Says Goodbye, one would expect Depp to just show up to see fans, but he went a step further. Depp took the time to change into a costume of Captain Jack Sparrow, the character he made not only famous, but his own from the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean films. Not only did Johnny Depp show up at the hospital to surprise his fans, he stayed for five hours, not once breaking character, according to Canada’s GlobalNews. While the world is in turmoil, people are unsettled with threats coming out of North Korea and the White House, people are rioting over the color of skin in Virginia, and violence seeming to erupt from just about anywhere one looks, Depp chose to make the day of a small group of fans, doing what he could to bring a smile to the faces of fans who are fighting for their lives and may never get a chance to leave the hospital again. If more people, both public figures, and regular, everyday folks, would take a lesson from Johnny Depp and his compassion, the world would be a better place. ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #johnnydepp #wearewithyoujohnnydepp #depphead #deppheads #deppheadforlife #proudofjohnnydepp #isupportjohnnydepp

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Giving hearing aids to the less fortunate in rio de Janiero johnny depp should be given the recognition he deserves he's an 😇 #johnnydepp https://t.co/wiUgXaThIC

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