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P R A Y - F O R - C H R I S T I A N S Jesus told His disciples a parable about a Sower who sowed seed. Some of this seed fell among thorns and the thorns grew up and Choked the Seeds! He explained this parable in great detail. This parable is so comforting in these times of terrorist attacks and racist/kkk uprisings! This parable tells how the Good Seed sown by the Sower GROWS ALONGSIDE Thorns. Thorns always grow faster and their mission is to kill and destroy. People or organisations that are thorns make the most NOISE! They come to tear down all that has been built in good faith and righteousness. Do not be afraid of them. They are stronger and have stronger weapons and are more numerous but He who is in You in GREATER THAN he who is in the world! Jesus is far Superior! Although Seeds grow slowly and quietly what is important to note is that they ARE Growing! Jesus charged His followers to go INTO the World once they had been saved but not to be Of the world. What is your standing with the Lord Jesus? If He came back today, is your heart ready to stand before a Holy God? Are you filled with rage and hatred for your fellow man? Are you ready to meet the King of Kings? Stay strong in Christ amidst all struggles and stay faithful! Those who endure til the end WILL be saved. We need to pray for our Christian family around the world. We need to not forget our oppressors around the world! They need to know about Jesus. His blood was shed so that no animal should ever be killed as a sacrifice! God has no need for animal blood! He died so that no child, brother, sister, mother, father should ever be offered up as scarifice or slaughtered in the name of God! As long as the world continues to deny that He Came, born of a virgin, Died on the cross in Calvary and Rose again, the ruthless shedding of innocent blood will not stop! What a filth we have created for the price to rule at the center of the earth, what an unquenchable thirst for you, oh mighty Jerusalem 😢 Holy Mt Zion! Spread the word...Jesus Lives! #JesusLives #JesusSaves #prayforchristians #crimesagainstGod #agirlwholovesJesus #word #Jesusismybestfriend #useyourlifenow #changehascome

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