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Unless there's running water nearby or high winds, its oddly quiet in Iceland. Hardly any trees or foliage or animals... or people. Just total stillness. Quite nice place to recalibrate.

3 minutes ago

. DAILY RUNES: July 27, 2017 . As I was casting my wooden runes, nine of them came out and five of them landed face down. Those five runes were returned to the velvet bag leaving only four. Two were merkstave {Reversed} and the faceless rune is Odin. . 🔮✨RUNE READING {L-R}:✨🔮 . * JERA: Abundance; new beginning * KENAZ {R}: Dying partnership; failure * THURISAZ {R}: Love triangle; lies * ODIN: Destiny; leap of faith . You're feeling like a failure and are going through much heartache and pain. The romantic partnership you've been in is dying. It's been dying for quite some time but you failed to accept it and preferred to hide your feeling in hopes that the relationship would turn around. It hasn't. As a matter of fact, both feet were already out the door, you were just too ashamed to realize what was happening. It took years to dwindle the once blossoming and passionate connection to a thorny rose without the petals. "How did it come to this!" you may be asking yourself. Perhaps you failed to realize that you were in fact in love with someone else. You're in the physical presence of one, but your heart is with another. Your energy was no longer within your relationship, it had left with your heart. Your energy is being pulled towards someone else, and that person holds your heart. In order to keep up appearances, you brushed your feelings under the rug, lying to yourself and denying your true feelings for another. Realize that this difficult situation has come to pass in your life because it was meant to, it was part of your destiny. There's a lesson to be learned in all of this. Focus on where you are now and where you want to be, or better yet who you want to be with. Know that the darkness is now giving way to the light. You're coming out of a long hard journey of self reflection and self discovery. An abundant new beginning is right around the corner. Follow any guidance you may be receiving. It may involve taking a leap of faith. Trust what you're feeling. The universe is guiding you every step of the way. . #runes #runestone #rune-reading #crystals #runereader #futhark #oracle #futharkrunes #ancientoracle #vikingrunes #alphabet #script #iceland

5 minutes ago

Iceland sunsets are pretty killer 😏

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