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4 weeks ago

I can just hear him calling my name. Yes, I'm happy to be seen as misfit to the societal norms. Please help me adjust my crown here errrrrrm😍 You really need to stop being polite to your Dreams, or think you have to live your life by other people's validation. Your story depends on what you've created it to be. You are the creative writer here. I know it's not purrfect right now, but you have a chance to change it. Don't let other people's standards or your present circumstance buffer your drive to Greatness! They might not like your Guts, but that's fine. You were not created to be liked, You are here to be a Catalyst for Positive change, and leave a LEGACY. Follow your Dreams! Pursue your Purpose🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #thepathtogreatness #makingadifference #accelarationcoach #changeyourthinking #leadershipquotes #positivemindset #catalystofchange #excusesdontchangelives #executiveimageconsultant #laleads #believeinyourself #changemakers

4 weeks ago

What is your life story like right now! Are you living a life of significance? What would you be remembered for? Most people want to hear and tell a good story but they don't realize they can and should be the Good story! You do not have to be famous or wealthy to lead a life of Significance. Direct your everyday life towards making this positive change. Use what you have, just as you are! #makingadifference #thepathtogreatness #accelarationcoach #executiveimageconsultant #laleads #intentionalliving #positivemindset #tenaciousthursday 👌👏🏻

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