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21 hours ago

Finally home & after getting a few hours of sleep with a 14 hour drive last night, I headed to Kroger to get right back on my goals! Mission stock my fridge full of essentials to get back on track 100% after vacation is complete! Sticking with my goal of more veggies this month & will be sharing some of the recipes ill make with this haul in my next dietbet starting 8/3! Link in bio or dietbet.com/fatgirlfedup. I've found that by always having my fridge stocked with healthy options it keeps me from reaching for the bad ones. Same with meal prepping & taking food places. Always be prepared! #food #foodie #lunch #goals #dietbet #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #weightloss #weightlossjourney #foodporn #haul #progress #extremeweightloss #krogerhaul #groceryhaul #clearance #bargainshopping #vegetables #fitspo #obesetobeast #fattofit #cleaneating #health #diet #countingcalories #lowcarb

12 hours ago

I just posted the new video (link in my bio) // I went back to school shopping with some friends a few days ago and I recorded my adventure! My YouTube channel is @studywithinspo, hope to see you there ✨✨

19 hours ago

Salaam, . SERIAL HAUL SANG RAJA SANUBARI.. Keindahan pribadi ALLAAHu yarham Habibana Munzyr Al Musawa menurut kesaksian para da'i nasional.. Ayo anak2 ku semua siapkan diri, keluarga dan seluruh handai taulan.. Untuk hadir dalam #Haul Sang Raja Sanubari (Sulthonul Qulub) ke-4.. AHAD 6/8/2017 jam 12.00 (ontime) di mesjid At Taubah Rawajati Kalibata Jaksel.. Bersama @habibhudalatas, @alhabibjindan, @habibquraisybaharun, @yusufmansurnew, @syekh.alijaber, @muhammadalawy, Al Habib Ja'far bin Bagyr Alattas, Al Habib Muhsin Al Hamid, dan ayahmu Al Fagir ini.. . Dan SENIN 7/8/2017 jam 20.15 di mesjid Al Munawwar Pancoran Jaksel.. . Bersama Al Habib Naqib BSA Al Hafizh, Al Habib Ja'far bin Bagyr Alattas, @habibhudalatas, @habib_shaleh_aljufri, @habibalwialhabsyi, @muhammadalawy, Al Habib Muhsin Al Hamid, dan ayahmu Al Fagir ini.. . Hadir anak2 ku semua yaa.. 👍❤️🙏

5 hours ago


1 day ago

Chic and simple summer vibes 🌺 A new try-on haul video went up on my channel yesterday featuring this outfit and a few other cool things for summer ☀️ YouTube.com/AnnieJaffrey link is also in my bio! _________ Top & skirt from @lulus bag from @chanelofficial and sandals from #zara #ootd #lovelulus #chanel #haul