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Know the difference Ladies ❤️❤️❤️ . . . . 👉🏾www.shegitu-dance.com . . . #Sh égitu is a sensual dance class that empowers women and helps them to unleash their inner sexy. . . #dance #sensualdance #heels #slay #london #femaleempowerment #queen #choreography #unleashyourinnerqueen #danceclass #sexy #confidence #chairdance #eritrean #habesha #twerk #shegitu #bodyconfidence #selflove #selfesteem #posture #lapdance #confidencecoach #motivation #divinefeminineenergy

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Calling all Coaches, Leaders, and Experts in the Fort Lauderdale Beach area! _____________ We want you to be in the house. Join us as we honor our Summer Graduates. ____________ Connect with our founder, network with industry experts, and leave feeling empowered to be the best Coach you can be! ____________ You don't want to miss this high energy event and awesome opportunity to learn how to next level your success!! _____________ It's time for you to get Coached Up! _______________ #atiras #lifecoach #carclub #Entrepreneur #claritycoach #brandingcoach #businesscoach #confidencecoach #realtionshipcoach #moneycoach #creditcoach #mindsetcoach #wealth #passiveincome #careeropportunity #sixfigures #leadership #millionnaire #success #finacialfreedom #Miami #florida #purpose #pursueyourpassion

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🌎✈ Next workation stop!!!! Aaaa can't wait to enjoy the beauty and colours of this city! ♂️♀️🏳️‍🌈 #Amsterdam #gaypride here i come! . A year ago I organized an amazing workshop here (was not yet self employed, had a great job travelling cross Europe) and I even had the chance to explore every little corner with this bicycle (almost died btw 🤣 - good that I had a local friend taking care of me) . ♨️ This time I am coming for moooore! To manifest, to network, but most importantly to spread and show unconditional ❤ because LOVE IS LOVE, LOVE IS EQUAL, LOVE IS PATIENT AND KIND - 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 love yaaa . ❤ Ani

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I love crystals and one of my hobbies is to collect them. Wednesday is #Mercury day and a great crystal for today is blue lace agate. Great for communication & expression. #semiprecioustones

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Just got off an inspiring call with one of my coaches! Ashley always motivates me with her journey and her mission to get the capABLE community moving. . . We just had a mastermind about how we can do just that! 💪👊 . . If you know anyone that has limited abilities and struggles with belief in themselves, we have an amazing opportunity coming next month. Ashley will share how she's been able to modify commercial workout programs and lose a few dress sizes in the process. . . Do you know anyone that could benefit from that? Message me or tag someone below. 👊 #letsdothis

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I've always felt like I was "too much" for the people around me. I talk too loudly, speak too directly, think too passionately. . . . My high school self was too confident for her own good, so I began to believe that smaller + quieter + less(er) = better. . . . I know what it feels like to be in a role that has loads of expectations attached to it and the strength it takes to push against those norms. On my blog, I'm sharing what happened when I let go of lies about my identity and stepped into the truth. . . ➡️click link in bio to read more! And tell me - what TRUTH do you need to remember about yourself? Let's encourage each other today!

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Learning to let go of our past is not easy, but it's so worth it. _ I couldn't be the woman I am today if I was still holding onto my old insecurities. And I still have a long way to go to become the woman I desire to be. But everyday I'm working on myself, stretching my belief in myself, stepping out of my comfort zone, and growing my faith + trust in God. _ It's not by chance that we become who we want to be. It's through the everyday small changes we choose, that will shape who we become. _ You can become the Confident Lady you desire to be!💕

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What are your morning rituals? One of the things I love to do in the a.m. is drink ☕ and write down a list of what I am most grateful for. It does 2 things: 1. Puts things into perspective. Giving gratitude for what you have lifts your vibration from a place of lack to abundance. 2. Writing is powerful. What you write you attract. Focusing on the positive allows more greatness to flow into your life. #WonderWoman

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The world needs ALL of your greatness, so whatever is weighing you down......power up and push through. That's living. 🌟🌟 Walk toward the fear. Approach the situation head on. That's living. 🌼🌼 Don't forget everybody is feeling, dealing and challenged by something. Be kind, be of service, love greatly and forgive deeply. That's living 🙌🏾🙌🏾 If you are in it, it's meant for you. Go through it and grow through it. Don't forget to grab the lesson. That's living! 👏🏾👏🏾 The best thing about it .....the solutions create a path called destiny that leads to your greatness. Cmon grab your seat at the table. 🦋🦋 There's one for each and everyone of you. GET UP! PUSH Thru! Thanks and PRAISE! Yesssssssss that's living! 👑👑 #Wednesday #AllisonSmiles #ConfidenceCoach #motivation #inspiration #living 💋 #lovinginthegrownzone

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What’s amazing is that when I first started learning how to be more successful with women, one of the hardest issues that I had to overcome was the anxiety that I felt over approaching women that I found attractive. My instincts would tell me to go straight over and talk to her, but for some reason I couldn’t. I would remain right there frozen from fear. What I’ve now come to realise is that this fear is in fact normal and most, if not all, single men go through this process every time they see a good looking girl. To learn more visit: http://ow.ly/LVqy308oATv #Anxiety #AnxietyHelp #SocialAnxiety #ApproachAnxiety #ConfidenceCoach #SelfHelp #SelfEsteem #Motivation #Confidence #SelfDevelopment #Coaching #Dating #DatingCoach #CoachForMen #GaryGunn http://ow.ly/ioR530dtFMA

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The money is already printed you just have to go get it.... 💕 - - - Repeat after me: I am ready for my financial INCREASE💰

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Just a reminder that I’m running my new interactive and practical workshop at PM Forum's next conference on 28 September in London. "The Power of Emotional Intelligence" focuses on the four different personality ‘types’, which one you are and how to spot others, and how to become a more effective communicator. I'm so excited, roll on September! Find out more at: https://goo.gl/gK5RHr #confidence #coaching #confidencecoach #author #writer #speaker #help #emotion #intelligence #communication #personality #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #power #relationships #conference #workshop

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oh wow. It feels like the last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind, actually a tornado. That I got completely swept up and taken away with. Overall the last few weeks have taught me SOOO much, but most of all made me realise how important taking time out for the things that make me happy & tonight that includes eating chips and watching the bachelor #stressmanagement

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