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2 hours ago

And go twice as fast!! Check out my live from last night on firsts and fear. Jumping into a company that I don't have expertise in is scary and must be scary for you! I get it. I promise I do. You must do it anyways. Jump in feet first and running. We have amazing leadership, training, support systems and encouragement from all around. My sponsor is an esthetician and loves these products and company. She is always there for me and you! Fear is there to help jumpstart you to the next place God needs you. Fear is an emotion used to get closer to God. It is meant to be there so we can pray and ask for courage from Him. Use this as a tool to get out of your comfort zone and go for it! #loveandtruth #limelight #morethanmakeup #confidencebuilder #trustHim #pray #courage

16 hours ago

Do you struggle knowing you might not meet someone’s tastes? . I like it worded this way...it’s not personal!

17 hours ago

God said create my own lane, get behind the wheel, push the gas and let him drive. When I did..... I recreated my #brand A D.O.P.E. A** Life & LG Management Grp. #newlogos because "Royalty is the new Fit"

18 hours ago

Look at that journal! . Now that the Miracle Morning is back, I'll end up filling this up with in the next two weeks! . Who's journaling out there? Why or why not?

22 hours ago

This is Tara! Here are her results with #Monat : "Was gifted the "Let it Grow" system to help me through a emotionally rough spot during chemo ... At the time it made me feel worse about my appearance , but now I can't thank my friend enough, loosing my hair was one thi g, but when you loose your eyebrows as well it drastically changes your appearance ... This system, alternated along with a b complex, biotin & coconut oil home mix has not only given me INCREDIABLE growth, bit it's working surprisingly quick, even my doctors can't believe it .... 3weeks!!! This went from NOTHING to THIS in THREE WEEKS!!!" #MonatLifeChanger #ConfidenceBuilder

23 hours ago

I guess I'm one of those crazy people then. I don't believe in competing with NO ONE! My desire is for EVERYONE to truly live the life they want on their terms! #rideaunicorn 🤗🤗💫💫

23 hours ago

The reality of a good workout. . Give me five more minutes and I'm sure I can get the two remaining dry spots sweaty too. . Torching calories and taking names.

23 hours ago

Hey guys, are you losing hair and your confidence? Naturally based MONAT will heal your scalp and grow new hair. I personally have new hair all over my head in 30 days! Trademarked ingredients ensure that you keep the hair you have while promoting new hair, chemically free. Message me with questions and more info. #men #newhair #gym #business #nfl #pga #nba #doctors #lawyers #emt #construction #winning #healthylifestyle #chemicalfree #glutenfree #ineedthis #confidencebuilder #monat #fastresults #lifechanger

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