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#caradelevingne #كارا_ديليفين Cara at kelly and ryan show in NYC Link in bio كارا في برنامج كيلي و ريان في نيويورك رابط المقابله في البايو

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woah woaah so I just saw video of Cara eating wings with different hot sauces! so yeah i feel the hotness in the mouth of Caz. like i wanna help her. but yeah! so strong! just amazing! she 10/10 hahaha must watch! and btw Caz forgot to sing "I feel everything!" heheh and @caradelevingne baby loves! i love ur song!! 11416262/10 indeed!

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#caradelevingne #كارا_ديليفين Cara and @danedehaan at the Intrepid Sea , Air Space Museum كارا و دان ديهان في متحف Air Space

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Valerian Movie Poster Artwork Design by me

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Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets I'm going into Valerian with mixed expectations. The best thing I saw from the trailers were the effects. The effects were spectacular and I really felt immersed in this world even before I saw the movie. It's even more impressive that this movie comes from a small studio that hasn't made a real big blockbuster. I am seeing this movie in 3D to feel really immersed. I'm also a fan of some of Luc Besson's work. The studio is advertising the hell out of this movie which they should, in the long run they will need that advertising. There were some negative qualities I saw from the trailers too. The first and most obvious one is that this movie looks a lot like the world of Star Wars. I'm not just saying that cause this is a movie set in space, it just does look like Star Wars. That and I'm not a huge fan of Dane Dehaan. I hated him in The Amazing Spiderman 2, and I don't think he has the star power to lead a movie, especially a movie like this. Cara Delevingne on the other hand is a great actress who might just steal the show. If this movie ends up to be bad, then I'll be a little disappointed but not that surprised, this might just be a Star Wars ripoff. If this is good I'll also be a little surprised but in a good way. So let's see what all this advertising is about. The plot could of been good, this could of been a really good movie, but it wasn't. Let's talk about the good before we get into the bad. I liked the backstory of the City of A Thousand Planets and found it a relevant piece of the plot. The actual main plot isn't that bad. It's sort of a mystery so some of the many questions you may have while watching the movie will be answered by the end. Plus when the big "twist" is revealed it all added up and made sense. Now for the bad, the main problem with the movie is the atrocious writing. The writing was so bad, every character had to say their emotion and even worse the romance between the main two characters was so forced. It honestly ruined the movie and had no purpose whatsoever. Continued in Comments.

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#caradelevingne #كارا_ديليفين Cara out and about in NYC كارا خارجه في نيويورك

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When @iampeterdee has your back 😘 and also the camera lol ❤️

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gn cuties 💖🌌

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